6 Best Comfy Outfits for Remote Learning

6 Best Comfy Outfits for Remote Learning

Remote learning is a whole new world for most kids and their parents. One common question asked by kids is, “Can’t I just stay in my pajamas?” After all, they’re not leaving the house, and pajamas are super comfy. However, just like it’s important for you to get dressed for work at home, it’s equally important for kids to dress like they normally would for school.

Studies have shown that switching out of pajamas or loungewear and getting dressed for school helps kids switch their minds from relaxation mode to learning mode. And the same is true at the end of the day when it is time for them to take off their learning hats and wind down for the day.

But when they have to sit at a desk all day in front of a computer, comfort is key. As such, consider the following wardrobe staples for comfy remote learning.

For Sporty Girls

Whether she enjoys basketball, dancing, swimming, gymnastics, tennis, or any other sport, she is likely the type who wants to dress in something that lets her get up and let out some steam between classes. And constricting clothes may just be her arch-nemesis. There are lots of athleisure tops for girls these days that play the part of activewear but also look great as everyday attire for girls of all sizes. When searching for tops for sporty girls, whether plus, slim, or regular sizes, make sure not to limit yourself to the “tops” category, and also keep activewear in mind.

For Girls Who Like to Sparkle

Rainbows, unicorns, sparkles, and glitter are some of the best things about being a young girl. Their imaginations can run wild, and it’s fun to witness it as they grow. Some girls are the ultimate “girly girls,” and they love expressing their sense of fashion in each and every item they wear. For these girls, getting dressed for the day can be fun, and they’ll want a cute top, sweater, dress, or T-shirt that lets them express themselves in fun ways. For them, it could be fun to be involved in the shopping process, whether it is searching for remote learning clothes online or in the store.

For the Dress Lovers

Some kids love wearing jeans. Some love wearing leggings. Others find anything that has to be worn over the legs to be little “leg prisons” and will walk around the house in dresses or shorts no matter how cold it is. If your daughter is in that category or maybe just loves wearing dresses, enjoy it. Dresses have a way of making girls look cute and classy at the same time, and they can be really comfortable. Whether girls wear plus, slim, or regular sizes, look for girls’ dresses that are durable and wrinkle-resistant, considering she’ll be sitting in front of her laptop for a good portion of the day.

For the Uniform Wearers

Some kids still have to wear school uniform shirts even though they’re learning remotely, and that could be a good thing for kids who would normally have to wear school uniforms. After all, getting dressed like they normally would is an important part of their day. But they can still get creative with their bottoms when comfort is key.

Whether they wear comfy leggings, sweatpants, or shorts, nobody in their class will know whether it matches anyway since they only see each other from the torso up on camera. As a parent, choosing your battles is key sometimes. If they really want to wear a pair of nonconventional bottoms, there may be times when that’s OK. Just make sure they look presentable in case they have to do any activities that require standing.

For the Rock Stars

Some kids like to make a statement with their wardrobes, and what better way to do that than with a graphic tee that lets them wear the name of their favorite band? Whether tucked into some boys’ husky pants or worn loose over a pair of shorts, graphic tees are ideal for learning from home when your kid wants to make a fashion statement during those Zoom calls.

For the Snugglers

For the boys who like to snuggle up into something on those cold mornings, boys’ pullover hoodies are ideal. And when you’re shopping for the comfiest hoodies around, make sure to consider the fabric they’re made of. Some kids prefer the softness of fleece, and parents love its durability. Others prefer the ultra-softness of plush Sherpa, which provides lightweight warmth and comfort that feels like he’s wearing his favorite stuffed animal. Plus, it’s machine-washable, making it a win-win for parents.

Regardless of the unique style choices your kids tend to make, making sure they’re comfortable while letting them express themselves can make remote learning a lot easier.


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