Best Comfy Jeans for Long Road Trips

Best Comfy Jeans for Long Road Trips

Hit the road in comfort and style with the right jeans. If you want a travel outfit that’s casual and comfortable — yet still fashionable — you can’t go wrong with a pair of jeans and your favorite top. There are petite, regular, and plus size jeans to fit every body type. You’ll also find men’s big and tall jeans, and jeans for kids of all ages and sizes. We’ve put together some tips to help you choose the right road-trip jeans, tops, and other apparel essentials.

Women’s Jeans

Women’s jeans come in all kinds of styles, washes, and cuts. There aren’t any rules to follow when it comes to choosing jeans for your road trip, so explore the options to find a pair that works for you. It helps to understand the features and benefits of different jean styles before shopping.

Let’s start with skinny jeans. This denim style is on-trend yet enduringly classic, due in part to its versatility. You can wear skinny jeans with tunic tops, tees, and tank tops depending on the weather and your style preferences. Another thing that makes skinny jeans so popular is how comfortable they are, which is a must for any long road trip. You can bend and stretch in skinny jeans because they’re infused with spandex, and some pairs even have elastic around the waist.

If you prefer a classic style, consider straight-leg jeans. Straight-leg jeans come in mid-rise and high-rise styles — the difference is that mid-rise jeans fall lower on the hips and high-rise jeans sit at the natural waist. If you think a straight-leg pair of jeans can’t be comfortable, think again. There are pairs infused with spandex for a hint of stretch and elastic-waist styles that never feel too tight.

Another option is boot-cut jeans. As the name suggests, this style works well with boots because it flares at the lower leg and ankle. You don’t have to wear boot-cut jeans with boots, however. These jeans also look great with everything from sneakers to sandals; you can also wear them with ballet flats and heels. They have a structured, ’90s-inspired look that’s never too casual or dressy, which makes them appropriate for any road trip.

Men’s Jeans

There are also plenty of men’s jeans that are comfortable enough for long road trips. One option to consider is the Comfort-First jean, which is available in slim fit, straight fit, and traditional fit. They come in a variety of washes ranging from light to dark, and you can also find them in black and khaki. What makes these jeans so comfortable is the fabric, which is a combination of ringspun combed cotton and elastane. This type of cotton gets softer the longer you wear it, and it’s highly resistant to wear and tear. The addition of elastane imparts plenty of stretch for freedom of movement.

There are also men’s jeans with hidden elastic tabs around the waist. They stretch an entire two inches, which allows you to stay comfortable in any situation. Some Comfort Waist jeans are made with stretch denim, which makes them even more comfortable to wear while traveling.

Kids’ Jeans

If you need road-trip jeans for the kids, there are plenty of options from which to choose.

There are skinny jeans and jeggings for girls in an array of colors and prints. The difference is that skinny jeans are crafted from stretchy denim, while jeggings have the look of denim but are made from the same knit fabric as leggings. Both offer all-day comfort because they have plenty of stretch, and some are reinforced at the knees so they won’t wear out.

Boys also have ample choices when it comes to choosing comfortable jeans. Comfort Denim is one option to consider, especially if you want a sturdy jean with stretch. Like girls’ jeans, some of the boys’ jeans have IronKnees® technology to prevent holes from forming in the knees. There are elastic-waist jeans for toddlers and older kids, in pull-on and zippered styles.

More Road Trip Fashion Tips

No matter what kind of jeans you ultimately choose, you’ll need tops and other wardrobe essentials to go with them. T-shirts are a must-have for the road because they’re soft, cool, and comfortable. For hot climates, short-sleeve women’s shirts can help keep you cool. Layering pieces can take you from day to night; when it gets cool, slip a hoodie or cardigan over a lightweight top for an extra layer of warmth. Comfortable shoes are a must; look for slip-on ballet flats, moccasins, or boat shoes. Sneakers also work well for road trips because they’re casual and practical.

When preparing for a road trip, look for fabrics that stretch and outfits that are comfortable. From there, it’s simply a matter of selecting the apparel pieces that you like best.


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