Best Comfy Back-to-school Outfits to Wear All Day

Best Comfy Back-to-school Outfits to Wear All Day

Is it just us, or does back-to-school season feel like it comes quicker every year? This year is the year for comfort, and this season’s hottest back-to-school outfits focus on all-day wear and comfortable clothing to keep your kids moving.

Cozy School Uniforms They’ll Love

Make this year different with a lineup of incredibly comfortable school uniforms. We know kids aren’t always excited about school uniforms, but cozy materials will make these necessary wardrobe items lovable. Choose breathable, comfortable fabrics for this year’s school uniform. 

Organic cotton and soft jersey polos give kids the ultimate in comfort when it comes time to dress for school. Avoid starchy shirts and rough wools that most kids will complain about. You’ll want fabrics that breathe for all-day wear. Secondly, choose sizes and cuts that don’t restrict movement. Back to school is all about getting back outside. Sure, kids go to school to learn, but recess is often the highlight of the day. Clothes that move with your kids will help them keep up with their favorite recess activities.

Their Favorite Cotton Sweater

The key to staying comfortable during the school year is to choose the right layers. When children go from the outdoors to the cool classrooms, they need a few key pieces of clothing, such as girls’ sweaters to handle the change in temps.

Light, pullover sweaters or sweatshirts are a must-have this school season. Both girls' and boys’ sweatshirts alike feature cute designs to show off a few of their favorite things. Cotton pullover sweatshirts are best hand-dried. This keeps the original soft, fluffy interior fabric delightfully cozy day after day. Simply hang them on a drying rack before the next wear to have them feeling as good as new for months on end.

Staples They Will Love

If your kiddos don’t require school uniforms, then be sure to stock up on their favorite clothing staples. No school year is complete without a few new pairs of kids' jeans. For younger kids, buy jeans with an elastic waistband or a size up in order to account for growth throughout the school year.

Let older kids choose from a variety of styles from high-waisted jeans, jeggings, and skinny jeans. Make sure your kid has plenty of his or her favorite pairs for all-day wear. When the jeans get dirty, he or she still has a backup pair for playdates.

You can’t mention staple kids’ clothing without talking about kids’ T-shirts. Every kid loves a cozy tee. Tees should show off your kiddo’s favorite things. Perhaps a cute pattern, his or her favorite color, or a fun graphic featuring a few of his or her favorite things.

The Perfect Play Dress

Back to school is all about the latest fashions, so don’t forget to pick out a few cute girls' dresses. Choose dresses that are easy to get into and offer plenty of mobility. Coverage is also important since girls love to play. 

Consider pairing her favorite comfy dress with leggings for girls. This lets your child play all day in whatever way she pleases. Active girls' dresses allow for easy movement, exploration, constant activity. She’ll want to wear her comfy dress every day! Another great option for younger girls is a T-shirt dress with leggings. These cute ensembles let your child express herself, but also keep her comfy enough for all-day play.

Button-Ups They Won’t Want to Take Off

For schools with a dress code, look no further than some handy button-ups for boys. Button-up shirts don’t need to be starchy and uncomfortable. Instead, opt for softer fabrics such as organic cotton. Use plaid or checkers for a casual look that is ready for wherever the day takes him. 

Polo shirts are another option if your kid’s dress code requires a collar. Instead of plain colors, choose polo shirts for boys that have a pattern such as stripes or small graphics. He’ll get to show off his personal style and wear a shirt that won’t itch.

The coziest kids’ clothes are the ones they are most excited about. Don’t be afraid to let your kids help with back to school shopping. Choose breathable, stretchy materials that enable your kiddos to get out and play. Lastly, be sure to include a few handy layers for chilly classrooms. As a result, your kids will love their back to school clothes as much as they love their PJs. 


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