Best Cold Weather Accessories for Kids

The Best Cold Weather Accessories for Kids

As winter approaches, do you find yourself wondering what the absolute best cold weather clothing and winter accessories for kids are? We have a secret to tell you: The best winter accessories for kids…are the ones that they will actually wear of course! Little ones tend to get fussy with heavy, restrictive, and itchy fabrics, so it can be difficult to navigate the best winter options for children.

From super soft base layers to the coziest hats and scarves, which are designed just for kids and have zero itch factor, we have the best cold weather solutions for your little ones. Keep the kids cozy and comfy this year with our handy guide for picking the best cold weather accessories for your little ones this winter.

The Best Base Layers for Kids

A good snug base layer is crucial to staying warm in the winter no matter what your age is. First, you will want to outfit your kids with a close-fitting long-sleeved top and long underwear or leggings. A good quality base layer is one that is both snug-fitting and breathable to help regulate your child's body temperature.

The type of material you choose for your base layers may vary, based on your climate and how much outdoor time your kids will be experiencing. Reinforced cotton leggings are a great option for both comfort and durability. Unlike thermal underwear, they can also be worn as pants, if your child gets too warm and needs to lose a layer. You could also opt for an ultrasoft but more heavyweight fleece leggings option for especially cold environments or for a snowy outdoor playdate.

Will They Need Extra Warm In-Between Layers?

In addition to your base layer under your kid's outfit, you may also want to consider an extra warm layer on top. Puffer vests are a great option, as they keep the core nice and warm while allowing for free range of motion of the arms. Kids are notorious for peeling off their jackets and tossing them aside on the playground when they start to restrict their movement. Ensure your little ones stay warm and comfy by sending them off with the additional layer of a vest underneath.

Should you Choose Gloves or Mittens For Your Little Ones?

The great winter debate: should you choose gloves or mittens? Which is the best option for little hands? Gloves allow for a greater range of motion than do mittens. Many older kids may wish to choose gloves over mittens, especially if they are participating in outdoor sports or otherwise need the use of their full dexterity.

Mittens are a much warmer option, as they insulate all of the fingers together. Mittens allow for some movement of the hands, such as the ability to grip, but do not allow for fine dexterity.

To ensure that your children's hands stay safe and warm this winter, the best option for them is certainly mittens. For younger kids especially, opt for the ultrawarm mittens option. For older kids, gloves may be more appropriate for their winter activities.

The Warmest Hats and Scarves That They'll Actually Wear

The warmest kids hats for kids in the winter are made from moisture-resistant and warm materials such as wool or a super soft synthetic fleece fabric such as acrylic. We also recommend opting for a winter hat that includes ear flaps to keep your kids extra cozy.

It can be difficult to keep a scarf on your child in the winter, can't it? Many little ones don't love the extra layer and can be extra sensitive to certain materials around their necks and face. This is why we recommend scarves which are made from ultrasoft materials such as microfiber. Also, consider a circle scarf for your little ones which is less likely to impede their playtime movements.

The Best Socks and Shoes for Winter Weather Kids

The best socks for kids (and for adults!) in the winter months are by and large Merino wool socks. Merino wool socks are usually made with a blend of fabrics designed to keep your kid's feet warm and safe, while also being sweat-wicking and super soft. A soft wool blend like this is also optimal because, unlike almost every other fabric, this wool-based material will continue to insulate and keep your kid's feet warm and safe even if they get wet while playing hard outside this winter.

Winter boots are also an important investment for the kids during the winter months in cold climates. If you live in a snowy climate, sneakers just aren't going to cut it. Keep those little toes safe and snug in some warm winter boots.

So layer up and get out into that winter wonderland with your family this season!


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