Best Coats for New Year's Eve

Best Coats for New Year’s Eve

Finding the balance between looking great and feeling warm is never as important as when you are choosing which coat to wear for New Year’s Eve. Arguably the coldest yet most festive time of the year, finding the perfect coat is paramount. But staying warm and chic doesn’t have to be so complicated. Here is a list of the best coats to wear for New Year’s Eve, taking into account options for both men and women and also the different ways you may plan to welcome the new year. Whether you are up in the mountains, snuggled up at your friend’s place, at a party, or watching the ball drop live, we have a look for you!

Long Down

One of the best options for outerwear to ring in the new year is a classic full-length down coat. Stay cozy from head to toe with a sleek-looking down jacket that is appropriate for any New Year’s celebration. Long down coats are one of the best ways to look cool and stay warm all at once. The slender fit and neutral colors give this coat a more sophisticated look without compromising on function. Choose a style with a faux fur lined hood for extra glamour, not to mention convenient coverage for your head. These lightweight down jackets are water-resistant, making them great options for those who plan to celebrate the new year outdoors or by party-hopping in subzero temperatures. If long jackets are not your style, opt for a shorter down coat that falls to mid-thigh for a streamlined style and maximum warmth.

Wool Coats

Wool coats are a timeless classic for both men and women. Wool overcoats and peacoats were made famous by cold weather masters centuries ago. Brave Atlantic sailors and elegant Englishmen immortalized this technology and design for a polished look that allowed them to survive brutal temperatures. There are so many designs and styles for wool jackets that there is certainly a look for everyone this winter. One of our favorites is a long wool overcoat for men to keep him polished and protected while sipping champagne and welcoming in the new year. Few things make a man look so refined as a perfectly tailored wool overcoat. This coat is stylish and practical for almost every cold-weather occasion, not only New Year’s Eve. But if you do plan to attend a swanky New Year’s party, this coat is the ideal choice for warmth and style.

Women’s wool coats are also an outstanding choice for your New Year’s celebrations. Find a mid-thigh cut that is slimming for a simple yet elegant allure that offers warmth. If you are attending a dressy party, a wool coat is a perfect coat to wear over your dress or slacks. Choose a style that either buttons up for a classic look or one that wraps and belts for a trendier look.

Quilted Barn Coats

Quilted barn coats are our choice for those who aspire for a rustic chic look. This style of outwear makes us think of English noblemen at their country estates with their hounds and caps. Channel this suave and sporty look for your New Year’s celebrations by sporting a quilted barn coat. Depending on your needs, you can choose a more cropped cut or one that falls mid-thigh for a little more protection. These super lightweight and insulated coats are perfect to wear to any New Year’s Eve event, but they are especially appropriate for those countryside affairs.

Double Up

Perhaps this sounds like cheating, but there is no shame in packing on the layers to stay ultra warm. Sometimes your most stylish jacket isn’t the most insulated choice. But no worries, there is a solution. You can wear your favorite jacket to any New Year’s celebration by slipping a light insulating layer underneath. This solution works well for both men and women who want to look amazing, but fear freezing in the process. Choose a lightweight down jacket that fits snug so you don’t feel constrained when wearing both jackets. Alternatively, wear a men's or women’s down vest for less material and bulk. Simply slip off with your overcoat when you arrive at your destination for a seamless solution for staying stylish and warm. If you are in colder regions, wear a down vest or packable down jacket under your wool coat to ring in the New Year with finesse, not goosebumps.

No matter where or how you plan to ring in the New Year, there are plenty of coat options that will keep you feeling warm and looking great.


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