Best Women's Winter Coats for Extreme Cold During a Blizzard

Best Women's Winter Coats for Extreme Cold During a Blizzard

Winter weather calls for a coat that’s designed to stand up to the elements like a boss. But sometimes, the conditions can be a little unpredictable. One day it’s brisk, breezy, and uncomfortably cold; the next day, you can barely remember that it’s winter. And then, one day in the middle of the season, the snow event of the year arrives. Unfortunately, it’s a regular occurrence for many people, and it’s essential to be prepared with the best women’s winter coats for extreme cold possible if you live anywhere in the vicinity of a possible blizzard.

Here are five of the best women's winter coats for extreme cold to keep in mind as the temperatures start to drop.

Down Coat

Never underestimate the power and value of a long down coat, especially when conditions promise to be treacherous. When you can’t avoid going out because adulthood simply won’t allow you to take a day off and hunker down, you’ll need to brave the elements as best as you can.

Down coats are built precisely to handle the types of weather patterns that make life tricky during winter. Blizzards can bring several feet of snow within hours, and they’re typically coupled with gusts of heavy wind. You must wear something that will keep you toasty from top to bottom. The beauty of a long length is that there’s more coverage, of course, which will make it slightly easier for you to tolerate those otherwise unbearable conditions.

Look for features that suggest maximum comfort, such as a detachable hood with faux fur for added warmth, cuffed arms to lock in body heat, front pockets so that you can stash your gloved hands inside for a little extra comfort, and down fill, which will retain your body heat so that you stay as warm as possible even on the chilliest days. These blizzard coats come in different warmth ratings. A jacket rated “warmest” will keep you toasty even on the worst days, so long as you layer up with a few other cold-weather essentials. Turtlenecks and flannel shirts are two options to consider, along with women’s long underwear.

Hybrid Coat

Let’s say you love the look of a sophisticated women’s wool coat. But despite its refined appearance and beautiful structure, it’s probably not designed to stand up to the worst conditions that a blizzard is likely to bring your way. For that, you simply need something that combines the best features of a practical winter coat with the warmth and elegance of wool.

Enter the hybrid coat, which combines wool's luxurious feel and elegance with the functionality and sensible details of a quilted, weather-friendly coat. The water-resistant shell will ensure that you stay dry while the snowflakes gently flutter around you, and the extra features will keep you toasty. Look for the features that matter: an adjustable hood to keep your head dry, multiple pockets to stow your belongings, a longer length to protect more of your body, and a seamless transition from wool to polyester. A hybrid coat imparts a touch of classy style to everyday winter outfits, so it’s likely to become one of your outerwear favorites. Slip it on over a cashmere sweater and dress pants for an office-ready outfit that’s suitable for cold days.

Long ThermoPlume Coat

One alternative to the down-filled coat is a ThermoPlume coat. You want maximum coverage during a blizzard, so it’s wise to choose a long, hooded style. ThermoPlume has the loft and warmth of down, except it’s crafted from a lightweight synthetic material. You’ll have more freedom of movement in one of these long blizzard coats, which come in hooded styles to protect your head from the cold. They’re available in many colors, which makes it easy to find one that complements your wardrobe. Because even in a blizzard, there’s nothing wrong with looking stylish.

Hooded Stadium Coat

Another one of the best winter jackets for extreme cold is the hooded stadium coat, which, as its name suggests, is ideal for wearing during outdoor events. This coat style is both windproof and waterproof, so you stay warm and dry, and it reaches past the knees for plenty of coverage. The smooth lining inside the collar and hood is also highly water-resistant to keep you dry, and there are lower pockets for your hands and chest pockets for keeping small items secure. This coat comes in multiple colors and has a drawcord on the inside for a cinched look that enhances every body type.

Winter Parka

The almighty women’s winter parka performs like a dream throughout the season—and it sure doesn’t stop when that blizzard makes its debut. Pieces from the Squall family are designed specifically to meet those very challenging needs that the season often demands. It’s not just enough to wear something with a hood and long sleeves—although your parka certainly ticks those boxes.

Winter also calls for a few extras, like ultra-soft fleece lining, to improve softness and add even more comfort so that you can feel your very best while you’re on the move, handling your busy schedule like a pro or playing with the kids in the snow. Of course, it’s also about the sealed seams, which are designed to lock out moisture from top to bottom.

Also, consider the insulation factor. It’s the one feature that matters the most, and it’s responsible for locking in your body heat so that even when it’s frigid outside, and you probably want nothing more than to call in sick, you can handle it all with ease.

Explore the winter coat selection to find many styles suitable for the worst blizzards. There’s also an excellent selection of other winter essentials, including snow boots and winter socks, hats, and gloves.


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