Best Coat Styles for Your Height

Best Coat Styles for Your Height

Shopping for coats online can be a nightmare. You’re never really sure what coat will look great on you, but we’re here to help. The reality is that some coats overwhelm more petite ladies while others look too short for taller ladies. From petite women’s winter coats to tall women’s coats, we have the scoop on looks you’ll love all year long. Read on to find out the best coat styles for your height.

Short Coats

Petite ladies can rejoice when rocking short coats that stop at your hip or waist. Short coats are ideal for climates that don’t get too chilly during the winter or for those brisk spring and fall days. For a short coat with an added bonus of practicality, you’ll try any lightweight jackets that look thin yet keep you warm. Even if you’re not petite but love the look of a short coat, mid-hip length lightweight jackets offer you the warmth you need without the weight that comes with longer jackets. Try any of our lightweight, packable jackets to get inspired.

For another winter option that’s flattering for essentially any body shape, you’ll love puffer vests. Try vests in bold colors like red and teal to bring some bright joy to the dreary winter season. Vests insulated with down can provide weightless warmth. A short, mid-hip-length vest is made for layering, loving, and living in.

Medium Length Coats

For those petite ladies that want more coverage than the short coat that stops at your waist, you’ll want a medium-length coat that will stop at your mid-thigh. Try petite hooded insulated coats. Even in conditions as cold as -5 degrees Fahrenheit, you will still be stylishly warm. Medium-length coats with flattering quilt lines and visual shape can accentuate your natural waist and fall at the mid-thigh. Anticipating rain or hail? Go for waterproof insulated winter parkas or rain jackets that fall at the mid-thigh. A nylon shell on the outside will help make the jacket waterproof while, and an ultra-cozy fleece lining will keep you toasty. You’ll be dry and warm no matter the weather.

3/4-Length Coats

If you’re about an average height of about 5’4”, a 3/4-length coat is your happy go-to. Not too long yet not too short, the ¾ length coat is perfect for your average height. A duffle down coat with a water-resistant shell is a classically cozy choice. Look for jackets that are at the above-knee length. The above-knee length coat is perfect for the lady at average height. Petite ladies can use ¾ length coats if they’re looking for a coat with a little more length than what short and medium coats can offer them. 3/4-length coats are ideal for taller ladies than don’t need the full length of a longer coat.

Long Coats

Long coats are the perfect warm winter coats for taller ladies or anyone over 5’6”. Long coats typically fall to the mid-calf. You can pick a coat insulated with down for warmth, along with sherpa or fleece lining in the hood for extra warmth. If you like bold colors, opt for jackets in cobalt or red. If you prefer an understated look, then choose coats in muted greens. Classically timeless black will do just fine.

As for one of our finest long coats, choose our women’s tall winter maxi long down coat with a hood. It falls down to the mid-calf, cozy all the way down. Don’t fear rain or snow this winter because this coat is made out of water-resistant fabric along with an inner storm flap to block the wind and whatever else comes your way.

Also, check out our women’s insulated quilted ThermoPlume® long coat. Depending on your height, it may fall just above your knee or run a bit longer and closer to your calves. It’s considered one of our longer coats but can also be considered a 3/4-length coat. Use our True Fit® guide to double check. Either way, you’ll love this coat’s features like the recycled polyester body insulation and large hip patch pockets. Who knew cozy looked so good?

Considering Body Shape

In addition to thinking about your height, you’ll also want to think about your body shape when selecting coats that will flatter your natural silhouette. If you have wider hips and don’t want to accentuate that feature, you’ll want to avoid coats with large pockets near the hips. If you’re bustier on top, you’ll want a coat with a lower opening rather than one too close to your neck. Have a slimmer frame and smaller waist? Then avoid coats that have belts on them.

We hope that with all of these tips and coat suggestions for you that you’ll be more confident the next time you pick a coat, whether you’re going online or trying it out in the store. Regardless of your height, if you’re looking for warm and stylish women’s winter coats, we’ve got you covered!


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