The Best Ski Clothing to Make You Look Extra Sharp on Your Next Trip

The Best Ski Clothing to Make You Look Extra Sharp on Your Next Trip

Heading to the slopes this winter? Skiing is a favorite pastime, and that’s not a surprise, what with the cozy ski lodges complemented by the powdery snow and mountain scenery. When you are planning your ski trip, your wardrobe will be a top priority, not because you need to be the most stylish snow bunny out there, but because you need to be warm and comfortable!

From ultra-warm winter coats to leggings and layers, here is a list of the best ski apparel you need for your next ski trip.

Winter Coats Perfect for Skiing

When you’re headed to the mountains, a warm winter coat is absolutely necessary to stay not only warm but also dry. When it comes to choosing the right coat, take into account the weather and elements you will be encountering. Choose a women’s winter coat that has a water-resistant shell, and avoid fabrics like suede, cotton, or fur. When these materials get wet, they take a long time to dry, and you will be extra cold while outside. Instead, look for a polyester or nylon outer shell that is water-resistant and repels water. Additionally, your winter coat should have plenty of protection against the bitter cold. Down or down-alternative insulated coats add the most warmth, but if you’re in search of a truly lightweight option, try patented ThermoPlume® insulation for a lighter solution that’s equally warm. You can also look for winter coats with an inside extra fleece or sherpa layer. Beware of women’s winter coats that are bulky or heavy, these will weigh you down when you’re skiing or snowboarding. Instead, look for a slimline silhouette that is closer to your body’s outline and less likely to get caught on anything while you’re speeding along. Coats are key when it comes to the best ski outfits!

Snow Pants for Skiing

Don’t forget about your lower half on your ski trip. While you should be sure to pack a pair of jeans or other bottoms for your getaway for when you want to lounge at the lodge or head out to dinner, you should also definitely pack snow pants. Like winter coats for ski trips, snow pants protect against all the elements, too, from icy cold snow to rain and sleet. Additionally, snow pants often have an extra internal layer made from fleece or flannel that is soft against your skin and adds more warmth. While you can always wear leggings or thick, stretchy pants to ski, the added protection of snow pants is much appreciated when it comes to navigating the slopes.

The Best Women’s Snow Boots for Skiing

You may have ski boots specifically for when you are skiing or snowboarding, but for treks to the lodge or up the slopes, you’ll appreciate the grip and warmth of designated snow boots. Unlike traditional winter boots, women’s snow boots feature closures that lock warmth in but also keep wet snow from sneaking inside and melting. For anyone who has experienced snow, you know just how uncomfortable this can be. Another great feature of snow boots is the rugged grip of the soles, preventing any embarrassing slips on invisible ice. Snow boots can be trendy, too, with styles, colors, and designs that suit any fashionista. Available with different closures, from Velcro to laces, snow boots come with details like reflective piping and color-coordinated contrasting trims and soles. Match your snow boots to your ski outfit for a look that is classic ski-mountain ready!

Sweaters for Your Ski Trip

Is there anything better than cozying up by a fire and watching the snowfall outside from the comfort of your extra-soft, comfortable sweater? Whether you’re layering a sweater under your winter coat or wearing it over jeans and boots while lounging indoors, women’s sweaters are a must for any snowy destination. Choose a chunky cable-knit sweater that exudes a cozy vibe or opt for a slim-fit pullover fleece sweater for layering under vests and coats so you can easily head out to the mountains at a moment’s notice. Our favorite look is ski-lodge chic. Pair a loose, oversized chunky cable-knit sweater in a solid color, colorful or neutral, with a pair of cozy, lined leggings in black, and winter boots (or slippers) for comfortable days or evenings in. Pour the cocoa and you’re ready to chill!

Warm Layers for Skiing

Let’s not forget the secret to all winter wardrobes: Layers! You should rely on layers when packing for your ski trip. Include everything from women’s sweaters to women’s flannel shirts as long-sleeve options. You’ll want to layer so that when you transition from outside to inside, you’ll be able to shed layers easily and stay comfortable in all environments. When you’re packing, be sure to include neutrals and colors that coordinate easily so you always look polished and put together. Include everything from short-sleeve T-shirts to long-sleeve shirts, sweaters, fleece pullovers, and, of course, a winter coat.


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