Best Clothes and Dressing Tips for Tall Women

What is the Best Tall Women’s Clothing? and Other Commonly Asked Questions about Tall Women’s Fashion

We get it: you want clothing that fits you well and that you feel comfortable in, and when you have a taller frame, this can sometimes feel challenging. No matter your height or build, you deserve accommodating clothing styles and options.

Read on to find out who is considered tall in the fashion world, and learn tips for how to style your frame with tall women’s clothing pieces that are flattering, feminine and functional.

Who is considered tall?

Tall women’s sizes are typically made for women who are 5’8” and taller and who have an inseam that is 32” or longer. Another way you can tell if you should shop women’s tall or women’s tall plus clothing is if regular women’s long sleeve tops don’t reach your wrists. Or if pants that aren’t meant to be cropped don’t reach your ankles or if they don’t fit with your curvy figure, you might consider shopping tall women’s clothing. 

How are tall clothes different?

Tall women’s clothing is designed and made to accommodate taller women. The sleeves on shirts and women’s tall tops are going to be longer. Some tall tops will have a longer torso measurement. Additionally, the pant legs for tall women are going to be longer. The inseam will be longer, which will in turn make the pants much more comfortable.

You shouldn't have to settle for a size that doesn’t flatter you because you’re tall. Instead of bigger, think longer. That is what sets tall clothing apart from the rest.

How do you measure your inseam?

When shopping for tall jeans or pants, you may find yourself facing a variety of inseam options to choose from. Having the right inseam on your pants is going to make a big difference in the overall fit and comfort level.

To measure your inseam, start with a pair of jeans or pants that already fit you well. Using a measuring tape, measure the length from the seam in the crotch of your pants down to the bottom of your pant leg. This number is your inseam.

For example, if that length is 34 inches, you have a 34-inch inseam. It’s as simple as that!

Can you wear maxi dresses?

We hear this question often. In fact, we hear this question in relation to maxi dresses, midi skirts, certain style tops and the list goes on and on. Our resounding answer to all of these questions is, YES! You can wear these styles! Absolutely you can! Your height shouldn’t keep you from sporting something that catches your eye.

We love giving tips on how to style clothing and how to identify pieces and styles you’ll like. But above all, we love seeing women comfortable in the clothing that they wear. 

Best Clothes for Tall Women

Clothes really can make a big difference in your overall mood, and we’re here to help get you styled and feeling good for your next date night, job interview or day running errands. Whatever you have on your day’s agenda, get ready to get things done in style!

Maxi or Midi Dresses and Skirts

These two styles were made for long-legged ladies. They’ll highlight your long legs and dazzling height. And unlike your petite counterparts, you’ll never have to worry about tripping over your tall maxi dresses or having a mid-length skirt that awkwardly cuts off your calves. It’s best to wear maxi dresses with a cinched waist or add a belt to create definition, though.

Skinny and Straight Jeans

Every woman needs a go-to pair of denim, and skinny and straight jeans are a match made in heaven for tall women. As for the rise, high-rise jeans look good on women with long legs because they’ll sit on your natural waist. However, if you have a longer torso, mid-rise jeans will sit more comfortably on you and will also help balance out your top and bottom rather than overemphasize your longer torso.

Blouses and Tunics

Blouses and tunic tops are both longer-cut shirts, which fit best on taller torsos. Opt for one of these tops with a V-neck, which will complement your torso and draw attention to your neckline.

Trench Coats

Trench coats are a timeless piece of clothing – and that’s great news for you because they’re also very flattering on tall women. The belt cinches your waist, thus highlighting your midline while also balancing out your figure.


Jumpsuits are all the rage these days and let us tell you that nobody rocks a jumpsuit better than a tall girl. We’re not saying that petite ladies can’t wear them, but a one-piece outfit is so flattering on a taller frame, making them a wardrobe essential for tall gals like yourself.

Styling Tips for Tall Women

A long torso or long legs can make it hard to shop for clothes. But clothes shopping shouldn’t be a drag – it should be fun! And when you know which styles work for you, it is. 

Certain lengths, patterns and colors will complement your tall frame and help draw attention to the features you want to highlight, or they can help draw attention away from your height if that’s your goal. Most tall women’s clothing is made to either shorten a tall woman’s figure, balance your look or add some curves for a more feminine silhouette if you’re tall and thin.

So Which Styles Work for Tall Women?

If you’re looking to give your body more shape, choose a trench coat or blazer with waist definition. A peplum-style top with a rounded or V neckline and bell sleeves will also work wonders for your torso and arms. If you’ve got a flair for life, then get yourself a pair of fashion-forward (or backward if you wore them in the '70s) flared jeans.

Have a job interview or big work presentation coming up? Don’t do all the talking; let your outfit do some, too. Show off your skills with a bold blouse, a pair of flared trousers and pointed-toe kitten heels. Headed to a fancy restaurant with the love of your life? Throw on a patterned midi dress with a pair of strappy, chunky-heeled sandals with statement earrings and bracelets. Spend your Saturday running errands in a pair of straight-leg jeans that will accentuate your long legs from hip to hem. Add a V-neck tee that will draw attention to your beautifully long neckline.

And don’t forget about accessories! While some women are still on the tiny handbag trend, that’s one trend-train tall women don’t want to be on. Large handbags and totes look better with your tall frame. As far as shoes, you can go with heels or flats. If you love your height and high heels, then rock them. But if you feel like you tower over everyone in heels, then opt for flats or kitten heels. As far as boots go, over-the-knee boots are not only stylish, but they are fun and flattering on long legs.

When it comes to patterns and colors, things are looking up in the fashion world – and now your wardrobe can too. From bright colors to horizontal stripes to wild prints, bold patterns and colors are a tall woman’s best fashion friend. They can help take attention away from your height and instead draw the focus to the dress or blouse you’re wearing.

Really, the only styling tips you need to follow are knowing your body type and wearing clothes that you feel good in. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to dress to impress!


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