Best Clothes for Growing Boys

Best Clothes for Growing Boys

The challenges of quick-growing boys! For parents, it may seem like every day your growing boy needs a new pair of shoes or jeans. When growth spurts hit, you might feel it most in your wallet as you run out to purchase new jeans, new boots, and new coats every few months.

Luckily, there are some tips for making clothing items last longer and to help ease the transition from toddler to big kid. Whether you’re shopping for school clothes or seasonal updates, consider the following items. Here’s our guide for the best clothes for growing boys.

Coats for Boys

Coats are a necessity for kids, especially during the cold winter months, but when your kids are growing faster and faster, purchasing new winter coats can become really expensive. When shopping for coats for boys, we recommend sizing up. The benefits of shopping a size or two larger are that, during the winter, you can layer up with sweaters and long-sleeve shirts, meaning a larger coat will fit better over these added layers, but also over time, your child will grow into the coat. This will extend the lifetime of the coat and allow you to get more than just a couple of wears out of it. Additionally, we recommend sticking with neutral or relatively discreet designs that can transition throughout the years. In other words, avoid characters or other designs that may be cool for toddlers but not so cool come kindergarten time.

Boys’ Sweaters

Boys’ sweaters are another perfect item for growth spurts. Like kids’ coats, you can size up in sweaters to extend the number of wears. Because you can layer items like long-sleeve shirts and polo shirts under sweaters, you’ll be able to size up in sweaters, whether they be fleece pullovers or cable-knit sweaters so that they last a year or longer. Again, you’ll want to avoid the faux pas of purchasing niche sweaters with designs that cater to a specific age range, and instead, opt for neutral colors that go with anything — and any mood. Boys’ sweaters are great when paired with kids’ jeans and boots during the winter, or over his shoulders on a cool summer night with shorts, making these a year-round wardrobe staple item.

Boys T-Shirts

Boys T-shirts, from graphic tees to undershirts, are a necessity for any growing boy. For casual wear like playtime or lounging around the house, T-shirts are a must-have item for every kid. Wear them with shorts outside or with sweatpants on the couch — they are comfortable, casual, and easy to wear under other items during the wintertime. Because boys’ T-shirts are less of an investment than thicker sweaters or even winter coats, you can really have fun with their T-shirt collection. Play with fun designs like graphic tees with his favorite cartoon character on it, or fun and festive designs for certain seasons like Halloween or Christmas. If your kid is going through a fast-paced growth, consider sizing up for more wears in solid colors that can be worn again and again as he grows.

Boys’ Sleepwear

When it comes to growing up, sleepwear is very important for comfortable nights at home. You can choose the best sleepwear like boys’ robes and boys’ flannel pajamas that can be worn time and time again. Better yet, you can size up in sleepwear with little worries about style. Bath robes are also ultra-warm for winter nights and can be worn over boxers for an appropriate look that is even better when oversized! Pair your bath robe with boys’ slippers for a cozy stay-at-home outfit that can be enjoyed during movie nights or early bedtimes.

Boys’ Husky Pants

Boys’ husky pants are perfect for winter wear, and many come with an external shell that is water and weather-resistant, making them great for snowy destinations. For growing boys, these pants feature a flexible, expandable waistband, meaning they will grow with you and are easy to pull on and off. Choose from jeans to sweatpants that are comfortable and can be worn throughout the seasons, for any occasion. Boys’ husky pants can be worn with sweaters, coats, T-shirts, and casual button-down shirts, depending on how casual or formal your outfit needs to be. Pair them with everything from snow boots to sneakers. These bottoms are transitional and functional and will last several years, thanks to their versatile capabilities.

As a parent, choosing the right clothes for your kid can be daunting, and at times, you may feel like you can’t choose anything right! Keep in mind, that to make clothing last longer, choose neutral colors that don’t feature characters or childish designs, instead opt for classic, solid looks that can grow with your kid!


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