Best Clothes for a Tall Woman to Play In

Best Clothes for a Tall Woman to Play In

If you’re a tall woman, you know that finding clothes to fit can sometimes be difficult. If you have a long torso, your length comes from the waist up, but if you’ve got long legs, your height will come from below your waist.

So, whether you need clothing for the office, comfy loungewear, or cocktail or formal evening wear, you’ll need to take into account where your height is coming from. After all, you don’t want to end up in a maxi dress that ends mid-calf or with a thigh slip that extends to your waist. The same is true of activewear. No matter your activity of choice, as a tall woman, you’ll need to ensure you have the best clothes to play in.


You’ve probably discovered that it can be uncomfortable to try to squeeze your body into a regular-size swimsuit. The straps cut into your shoulders, or the legs pull up too high—or both. If that’s the case, choose a women’s long torso swimsuit, which should eliminate the aforementioned discomfort. You can choose a one-piece swimsuit, or if you prefer to show some midriff, opt for a two-piece suit. You can mix and match tankini or bikini tops with low-, mid-, or high-rise bottoms to find the combination that suits you best. For example, if you want to make your torso look shorter, choose a high-waist brief. Don’t forget to add a cover-up; these are also available in tall sizes so that they actually do cover you up properly.

Golf and Tennis

If golf or tennis is your go-to sport, you want to make sure any bottoms are long enough that you’re not flashing the world when you bend down to pick up a golf ball or reach up to smash a serve. Separates are the perfect solution. Opt for a women’s tall skort —a combination of a skirt and shorts. Whether you choose golf plaids or tennis whites, the shorts will cover your back side, while the overlaying skirt will add an air of femininity. Add a tall polo shirt that stays tucked neatly into the skort’s waistband instead of pulling out every time you stretch or twist your body.

Yoga and Workouts

If you regularly practice yoga, workout at the gym, or take exercise classes, you’ll want clothes that stretch with you rather than constrict your movement. Women’s tall yoga pants are a good option for any of these activities. Most yoga garments contain some amount of spandex, a fiber that allows the fabric to retain its shape as you move, thereby eliminating the bagging and wrinkles that might occur with a 100% cotton fabric. So, when you’ve finished your warrior pose or your sun salutation, you won’t feel like your pants have loosened.

Unless you work out in just a sports bra, you’ll also want to make sure your shirt is long enough so it doesn’t roll up as you exercise. Plus, you'll need to find tops that wick away the sweat so you move through your routine in comfort.


If your idea of play is a night out dancing with your friends, you’ll need appropriate clothes for that activity as well. Rock your favorite little black dress in a length you’re comfortable with. You can also opt for a pair of leggings with a belted tall tunic top. The belt will give definition to your waist. Flats are generally more comfortable for long periods on the dance floor—or, own your height with your favorite pair of heels.


Play can be mental as well as physical. Whether your idea of playtime is a couple of hours on the couch rooting for your favorite sports team, streaming the latest hit series, or playing video games with friends; heading to a café for an evening of board games; or settling down with a favorite book, you’ll want to relax in your favorite pair of women’s tall jeans. High-rise jeans that sit at your natural waist are comfortable when sitting for long periods of time. If your friend group is really laid back, skip the denim and opt for your coziest pair of sweatpants. Add your favorite cotton T-shirt or sweatshirt (and a pair of comfy socks), then let yourself be swept away in whatever you’re doing.

Winter Sports

It’s especially important when engaging in cold-weather activities that you have the proper clothing. If you’re planning on doing anything that requires snow pants, you want them to be long enough to keep snow from getting in the top of your boots. No one, regardless of height, wants wet socks and frostbitten toes. For the same reason, you’ll want to be sure your winter parka is long enough to properly cover you in the event you slip and fall.

No matter what you define as play and leisure, having clothes that fit you properly will ensure that you are able to focus on the activity at hand rather than worrying about too-short garments.


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