The Best Christmas Gifts for Your College Student

The Best Christmas Gifts for Your College Student

If you’re trying to think of special Christmas gift ideas for your college student, these options can get you off to a great start. For students in a dorm or sharing a small apartment, space can be limited. That detail can make useful gifts that provide some of the comforts of home seem extra special. So whether you think that things to wear, things that make daily life easier, or things for the dorm make more sense for your student, there’s something here that makes a great gift for all types of students.


Make it easy for your college kid to stay organized when going to class with a spacious laptop backpack. Choose from the selection of backpacks to find one in a traditional color or vibrant colors to suit your student’s personal style. Additionally, you can look for a bag that has extra features to make life easier for your student, such as reflective trim if they walk after dark, a water bottle pocket, padded straps to balance a heavy load of textbooks or personalization for a unique touch.


Outerwear is a thoughtful gift for a college student because wearing a warm jacket on a freezing-cold day feels almost like getting a cozy hug. It reminds your student that you want them to be comfortable every time she heads to class. The selection of outerwear includes jackets and coats of varying weights. So, you can choose one that’s suited to the climate where your student goes to college. Additionally, there are items like winter boots, long underwear, hats, scarves, and gloves to add plenty of warmth.

Comfy Sweats

Comfy sweats are another gift idea for college students. Browse through the selection of sweats to find pieces in your student’s favorite colors. Look for styles that are a touch dressy for students who enjoy getting fixed up for class. Or, for students who enjoy a casual look, look for pieces that resemble more of the classic style of sweats. Design elements like turtlenecks, cowl necks, and Henley necklines make it easy to find pieces to accommodate almost any student’s personal style. Additionally, hoodies provide an extra warm option for students who are out in the cold often.


Looking for some stocking stuffers? Accessories, like belts, gloves, scarves, and hats, tend to be small in size, which makes them great for tucking in a Christmas stocking. But, while small in size, these items can make a big visual impact. Accessories can be used with different outfits to create different looks. Additionally, if you choose warm items, like scarves, hats, and gloves that match your college student’s outerwear, you help them stay warm while looking great too.


For students who do laundry in the community laundry room at a dorm, it can be easy to get personal items mixed up with items belonging to other students. Choosing monogrammed bedding is one way to make sure your student ends up with her own sheets and blankets. It’s harder for another student to claim something that’s personalized. Plus, at the end of a long day studying and navigating college life, sinking into a bed that’s made up with personalized sheets can give a special feeling.

Insulated Drinkware

Want to make sure your college student drinks enough water? Giving insulated drinkware that’s decorated in his favorite color or a playful pattern - as a Christmas gift - is a simple way to encourage hydration. This type of drinkware keeps water cold during activities, like sports practice or walking to class. Tumblers can tuck into backpacks for convenient carrying, and for easily taking sips of water between classes. Additionally, these tumblers keep coffee hot, which can be handy when a student is up late studying for exams.

Storage Baskets and Organizers

Have a student who is dealing with too much stuff for a small dorm room? Storage baskets and storage bins can be an ideal gift for a student in this situation. Items like under bed storage bins, totes, and baskets provide spots to put smaller items. If your student is allowed to hang shelves on the wall, shelving and hanging baskets offer a handy way to store small items out of the way while using space that’s otherwise empty. These types of organizing items make it easier for a student to manage a small area with all the things needed to study and enjoy college life.

Wrap up your holiday shopping with some thoughtful gifts for the college student in your life. These gifts are the kind of things a student can use everyday. Plus, with each use, your college student will be reminded that you cared enough to think about the things that will make life better for them while they’re away at school. Choose a gift, or gifts, from this list of ideas from Lands’ End to share special items that offer comfort and enhance their lives.

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