The Best Christmas Getaway Plans

The Best Christmas Getaway Plans

Christmas is break time! Everyone gets time off work, the kids get time off school, and families are free to celebrate the holiday season as they like. If you were feeling a bit of cabin fever during the year or it's just been a stressful time for one reason or another, you may feel the need to get away. Whether you're a solo flyer, a family of travelers or you decide to invite your nearest and dearest, here are some tips for traveling and some of the best Christmas getaway plans.

When Should You Travel?

First, some tips. If you have some control over when you can travel, perhaps the kids can take an exam in advance or you can work a few days remotely without too much of an issue, see if you can travel a little ahead of the typical holiday rush. December 22, 23, and 26 will be tough travel days no matter which day Christmas falls on. Traveling the 24 and 25 is a hit or miss because most people should be at their destinations by then so it shouldn't be crowded, but there are no guarantees and you might also be facing limited choices for one of two reasons. If you're flying, airline workers will be wanting some break time, leading to less help if things go wrong and fewer traveling options. If you're driving, the gas stations and shops you might normally stop at on your route could be closed for the holiday. In conclusion, do your best to avoid traveling on those dates.

How Should You Travel?

Of course, this depends on where you're going. If you're driving, take a look at the route. If your directions take you through the middle of a big city, that may be something to take into account when you decide the time of your road trip departure. If you aren't traveling far, this may not be too much of a hassle in terms of schedule, but no one wants to be sitting in traffic if it can be avoided. Conversely, if you're traveling farther, you'll need to be more intentional about when you leave so you have a smooth ride.

If you're flying, consider booking an early morning flight that will take you non-stop to your destination. Why morning? While it might be difficult to get yourself out of bed and to the airport, you're unlikely to experience any issues or disruptions in your travel. Barring unfortunate weather complications, you can at least evade human complications with late flights or disorganized airlines since your flight is the first one to go. Plus, if it's going non-stop, you don't have to worry about your travel bags getting lost or making another flight that may or may not be on time.

Where Should You Travel?

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

If your family wants to get a little skiing in and see snow this Christmas, Jackson Hole might be where you want to go. Stunning scenery, gorgeous slopes, splendid lodges, Christmas events, and the nearby Granite Hot Springs Pool which, since it requires some traipsing to get to, means you'll definitely have an adventure if you want one this year. Remember to bring your bathing suit!

Florida Keys, Florida

Perhaps your family has seen enough snow. Come down to the Florida Keys for a sunny reprieve from the winter blues. Enjoy the lovely island views, swim in turquoise Caribbean waters, and bask in the Florida sunshine. Keep in mind the difference in sun strength in the south, even in winter. Put on sunscreen or bring along some sun-protective swimwear so your vacation skin doesn't turn a holly red!

Solvang, California

If you want somewhere that's totally full of Christmas, Solvang is it! Built by Danish immigrants with a European feel, it lets visitors get a breath of the Old World here in America. Darling shops and festive decor abounds in this little town, so it just makes sense to break out some Christmas pajamas for yourself or for your whole family. Snuggle under Christmas blankets and enjoy a lovely holiday season.

Whether you're going to a mountain cabin for a White Christmas or the beach to catch some yuletide waves, or prioritizing family, each can make your vacation time special in its own way. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to make your Christmas plans this year unforgettable.


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