Best Cashmere Sweater Styles

Best Cashmere Sweater Styles

As the winter chill comes rolling in, it's time to get out some cozy sweaters and bundle yourself up. Cashmere sweaters are everyone's favorite go-to for comfort, function, and style. These lightweight and luxurious sweaters are designed to keep you warm without compromising on finesse.

There are many designs and styles of women's cashmere sweaters for 2019 to meet and match any woman's personal style. Below we have listed some of our top picks for women's cashmere sweaters keeping in mind function, lifestyle and looking fabulous. Whether you'll be walking through icy cities or skiing down snowy mountains, there is a look for every woman this winter.

1. Short-Sleeved Crew Neck Sweater

Many people think that a short-sleeved cashmere sweater defeats the point. But the short-sleeved crew neck sweater boasts style, functionality, and comfort. The chic cut keeps your torso warm while allowing for the arms and neck to breathe, making it the perfect choice for those occasions where you want to stay insulated without overheating. This women's sweater is an elegant and smart accompaniment to a well-fitted pair of jeans and can be dressed up or worn casually. Great to wear around the house or out to dinner, this versatile cashmere sweater style is a must-have for every woman.

2. V-Neck Long Cardigan Sweater

The length and elegant cut of this long cashmere cardigan are just two of the reasons we love it. The V-neck neckline gives you the space to wear your favorite top underneath while still keeping cozy. This slim cut is spacious enough to accentuate your unique figure without being too snug. What truly makes this sweater a real winner is the two large pockets, which lay flat against the sweater but are wide and deep enough to keep your phone, keys or anything else. Let's be honest: We all love having convenient pockets, and they are the cherry on top of this already perfect cashmere sweater.

3. Ruffle Sweater Poncho

Ponchos are an elegant way to keep warm through the winter. This sweater is particularly special as it combines the best of the ruffle sweater with the best of a poncho, so this cashmere combo gives you the best of both worlds. It is long for extra warmth with a wide neckline for a classic, graceful style. This sweater can be worn on its own or as a jacket when layered atop a heavier sweater or a warm women's down vest. Regardless of how you choose to style this beauty, it will leave you feeling warm and glamorous.

4. Cashmere Cable Scrunch Mock Neck Tunic Sweater

This long mock neck cashmere sweater has it all: a unique stitch, luxurious cashmere, extra length, and a cozy neck. The long sweater look is a favorite for winter and is versatile for all occasions and locations from the city to the mountains (except maybe that beach vacation!). The special mock turtleneck neckline gives extra warmth while not feeling too constricting. The longer length keeps your legs and hips warm, not just your torso. Some people worry that a long sweater can look a little frumpy, but not this one. The form-fitted yet casual cut gives you all the perks of a long sweater without compromising on style. Turn this perfect sweater into a sweater dress by pairing it with your favorite leggings for a cute and casual look.

5. Turtleneck Sweater

A beautiful cashmere turtleneck sweater is always a classic. The soft, plush cashmere in a slim cut leaves you feeling both luxurious and cozy. Regardless of your lifestyle or winter wardrobe, this classic turtleneck is a must-have for every woman. The roll-down neck keeps your neck cozy while also allowing for some breathing room. This style looks especially fantastic and sassy with some women's corduroy pants and a pair of your favorite booties. Cashmere turtleneck sweaters are a timeless pick for any woman's winter wardrobe.

6. Fair Isle Crewneck Sweater

This sweater is a chic upgrade from your seasonal Christmas sweater. The delicate patterns give off a cozy winter vibe without being too cliched. The earthy color scheme also makes this a versatile choice all year long, not just during the holiday season. Wear this wintry gem with your favorite women's snow boots or under a stylish vest for a charming rustic flair to your look. This look is also the ultimate go-to for that alpine ski trip this winter.

Regardless of personal style or lifestyle, there is a cashmere sweater for every woman this year.


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