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Best Carry-on-Friendly Clothes to Keep the Whole Family Warm

The holidays are around the corner, and so is all that holiday travel we have been looking forward to all year. Whether visiting your family or going on that long awaited beach vacation, airplane travel is in your near future. But as we await our travels, we are also anticipating the potential of cold season. Not only is it getting cold outside, but you can also expect chilly indoor temperatures while traveling through airports and on airplanes. The last thing you want is your family to come down with a nasty cold just in time for that family vacation. To help prevent colds and other unwanted bugs, staying warm is key while traveling this winter.

We can all imagine you running through the airport with a train of children, juggling carry-on bags overflowing with layers of clothes to keep everyone warm onboard. But this doesn’t have to be you! We have compiled our list of top four compact and versatile carry-on-friendly picks to keep the whole family staying warm, sane, and healthy while traveling this winter.


Winter vests are our number one pick because of their warmth, versatility, and, of course, style. There is nothing easier than quickly slipping on a vest once settled in your seat to keep you warm throughout the flight. This is an especially great item to pack for long flights where the temperatures on board tend to drop. A vest efficiently insulates your torso and vitals without having the extra weight and bulk of a whole jacket, making it especially great as a carry-on item.

There is a vest for everyone in your family this year. Both fleece and down vests are lightweight and warm; best of all, they are easy to roll up and stick in a carry-on bag. They are also light enough to wear underneath a bigger men's jacket or mens sweater. If you’re feeling warm while walking through the airport, simply unzip your vest to unlock the insulating technology and let in a little airflow. Our favorite option is a women's down vest for mom and dad and a kid’s puffer vest for the littles ones. There’s an option for everyone in your family. Regardless of style or material, the perfect vest will keep you and your loved ones warm throughout your whole flight.

Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere sweaters are next on our list. They are our favorite go-to carry on clothing item for warmth, lightness, compactness and their unparalleled elegance. Cashmere is famous for being one of the warmest and lightest fabrics on earth. There is a cashmere sweater option for everyone in your family. They are easy to roll up and stuff into the bottom of any carry-on bag, making them a great choice when traveling light. Even if your carry on-bag is already filled to the brim with books, iPads, snacks, and more, there is still room for some tightly rolled cashmere sweaters to keep you warm while in the air.

Scarf or Shawl

Our next pick is a scarf, shawl, or other cold weather accessories that your kids will love. The neck and head are vulnerable areas for cold, so it’s important to keep them warm and toasty as you travel. Our favorite inflight accessory is a cashmere shawl, which is compact, versatile, and glamorous. Wrap your shawl tightly around your neck to stay super warm or throw it around your shoulders like a wrap. Alternatively, lay it out over your legs (or your kids!) like a blanket. Forget those crummy airplane blankets–now you’ve got yourself an all-purpose cashmere shawl that will fit easily into a carry-on bag and keep you warm while traveling. You’ll also certainly be looking stylish walking through the airport while draped in luxurious cashmere.

Packable Jackets

Packable jackets are popular amongst outdoor enthusiasts who like to stay warm but not carry too much in their backpacks. Our next pick for carry-on friendly clothes to keep the whole family warm is the high-tech packable jacket. Slip one on and you’ll instantly feel like you’re snuggled up in a wearable sleeping bag–but with much better mobility! Packable jackets are made from a combination of light shell fabric and down or polyester insulation to stay featherlight and remarkably warm.

We recommend a packable down coat for extra warmth. Many packable jackets are so compact that they can even fold up into their own pockets! Packable jackets for the whole family will easily fit into a carry-on bag, and keep everyone snug and warm throughout your whole trip. These jackets are not only great for wearing during your flight, but also at your destination. Whether you are visiting your parents or coming home from a tropical vacation, no one wants to lug a big bulky jacket through airports and airplanes. Now you won’t have to.

Keep warm this busy winter travel season with these cozy items that stow easily in your carry-on.


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