Best Care Tips for Your Favorite Flannel

Best Care Tips for Your Favorite Flannel

What comes to mind when you hear the word multifunctional? Flannel, of course! From casual flannel shirts to cozy, winter-ready Christmas flannel pajamas, there are so many uses for flannel. Whether you are a connoisseur of flannel items or you have a favorite go-to flannel jacket, chances are you want to make sure your know how to care for your favorite flannel piece properly. To preserve its soft texture and shape, we've come up with our best care tips for your favorite flannel, which might include flannel shirts, sheets, blankets, or other items.

Check Your Instruction Label

Okay, so you've used your favorite flannel duvet to wrap yourself in by the fireplace for movie night, or maybe you've enjoyed a few weeks of wearing your cozy, flannel robe while you want your morning coffee, but now it's time to wash them. Well, before you dash off to the laundry room, check the instruction label first. Also, make it a best practice to always check the care labels of your flannel items just in case some of your clothing or bedding items require professional dry cleaning services.

Not All Detergent is the Same

Before you throw your fave flannel in the wash, take a look at your detergent. Use a mild detergent and stay away from harsh detergents or those with bleach additives or whitening agents.

Let's Talk Washing

If you want to preserve your flannel's color and vibrancy, you should set your washing machine to a warm or cold water cycle. Hot water will speed up the fading process and can also negatively affect the softness of the pieces. On the other hand, warm water allows your flannel to maintain its brightness, softness, and comfortability for a longer wardrobe life cycle.

Essential Washing Tips

Keep your men's flannel shirts and other essentials looking pristine by using a gentle wash cycle. Additionally, wash your women's and men's flannel pajamas on a permanent press or gentle cycle. It's essential to maintain consistency in your washing practices. So be sure to use the same water temperature throughout the washing cycle. To further ensure the softness of your flannel pieces is kept intact, use a fabric softener during the rinse cycle. Go ahead and use a cup of white vinegar for a natural fabric softener alternative. Fabric softeners help to preserve the flannel but also help to reduce those annoying lint balls. Additionally, if you prefer not to use fabric softener in your washing machine, a dryer sheet will do the trick as well.

Let's Talk Drying Techniques

When it comes to drying, there are essentially two choices: use a machine dryer or air-dry. If you opt to dry your favorite flannel tunics and other essentials, be sure you pay close attention to the amount of time they are supposed to dry and don't go over. Leaving your flannels in the dryer for too long can eventually shrink your fabric over time. To ensure this doesn't happen, avoid using high heat on your flannel. Instead, opt for drying on very low heat. If you're a little nervous about using the dryer for your items, you can place your items on a hanger or lay flat to dry.

What About Wrinkles?

Wrinkles happen to the best of us, and yes, you can iron most flannel items. If you have flannel shirts and are concerned about whether or not they can be ironed, you should review the care instructions label. If ironing is permitted, make sure to match the appropriate setting on your iron with the garment label to knock out every wrinkle.

How to Properly Iron a Flannel Shirt:

Size Matters

Flannel is known for shrinking, so if you want to maintain the size and style of your garment, it's essential to follow your care instructions on your garment tag to ensure your attire, like flannel robes stays intact.

Flannel offers plenty of versatility when it comes to your wardrobe. Flannel is also a cozy essential for chilly nights by the fire at home or camping. One thing is for sure, when you take proper precautions for your flannel items, by reading the care labels and following the suggested instructions on how to care for your flannel items, you are well on your way to enjoying your garments for an extended period of time.


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