Best Summer Sweaters for Boys

Best Summer Sweaters for Boys

Update your son’s wardrobe for summer with comfortable, stylish warm-weather apparel. One item that you may not have considered for summer is the sweater. There are boys’ sweaters that are light enough for the summer season, and some of them can transition into fall and winter, too. Read on to learn more about the different types of summer sweaters and how to choose the right one for your child.

Cotton Modal Sweaters

One of the best materials for summer sweaters is a cotton/modal blend. Cotton is lightweight, breathable, and soft, which is why so many home items are crafted from it. You’ll find cotton T-shirts, polos and pants, along with cotton towels and bedding. Then there’s modal, which is a type of rayon derived from plant fibers. Modal is an eco-friendly material that’s incredibly durable, and it has a smooth, silky feel. When you combine cotton with modal, you get the best features of both fabrics.

Cotton/modal sweaters are relatively lightweight, so they’re an excellent choice for air-conditioned environments or cool summer nights. Another reason to love cotton/modal sweaters is that they resist wrinkling and pilling, even after repeated washings. This type of boys’ sweater is great for layering over boys' polo shirts, T-shirts, and tank tops. Look for a sweater with a fine gauge knit to avoid bulkiness; you might also want to choose one with a rib trim and a classic V-neck for preppy style.

Another sweater style to consider is the boys’ cardigan sweater. Add a layer of warmth to any summer outfit by layering a cotton/modal cardigan over a button-down Oxford, polo shirt, or another type of boys’ top. Cardigans aren’t just functional, they’re also fashionable. This type of sweater adds dressy flair to casual tops and pants.

These sweaters come in all sizes to fit all ages and body types. For the best fit, compare your child’s measurements with the size chart. Another feature parents can appreciate is the optional monogram; have your son’s sweater embroidered with their initials for a personal touch. There are multiple colors from which to choose, including versatile dark tones and vibrant brights.

Sleeveless Sweater Vests

Another option for summer is the sleeveless sweater vest. There are fine-gauge cotton/modal boys’ sweater vests for layering over various types of tops. Boys can wear one of these sleeveless vests over a polo shirt, Oxford shirt, or even a solid-color T-shirt. They provide the classic look of a sweater without excess warmth. These vests can often be found with the same features as long-sleeve sweaters, such as rib-knit trim and a stylish V-neck. For optimum quality, choose a sweater vest that’s been crafted piece-by-piece. This traditional method of sweater-making results in a garment that holds its shape and retains its tailored appearance for a long time. Like the cotton/modal long-sleeve sweaters, these vests are machine washable for easy cleaning.

Pants and Shorts for Summer

Whether you opt for a long-sleeve V-neck, cardigan or sweater vest, there are ample options when it comes to pants and shorts. Sweaters are a wardrobe staple that go with almost anything. For example, your son could wear a V-neck cotton/modal sweater with a pair of chino shorts or pants, depending on the temperature. There are also cargo shorts with plenty of pockets that go with sweaters and sweater vests. Many boys’ shorts are equipped with elastic around the waist for gentle stretch and comfort.

Sweaters also look good with boys' jeans. Kids can be rough on pants, so look for a pair of boys’ jeans enhanced with IronKnees® technology. This feature helps prevent holes from forming in the pant knees, even if your child runs, jumps, bends, and stretches in them. Corduroy pants are another type of pant that can be worn with summer sweaters, especially if you want a semi-dressy look. For formal occasions, pair a sweater or vest with a pair of wool-blend dress pants.

Boys’ Summer Footwear

There are plenty of possibilities when it comes to what kind of shoes to wear with a sweater and pants or shorts. Sneakers are a casual choice that go with everything from jeans to chinos. They come in low-top and high-top styles to suit your child’s preferences. Boat shoes are another stylish option for summer. These boys’ shoes come in various colors and materials, and they’re easy to put on and take off. They impart classic style to any outfit, and they’re designed for all-day comfort. Another type of footwear you may want for your child is water shoes. These shoes can be worn to the beach or pool—they’re flexible, comfortable, and fast-drying.

Explore the summer sweaters to find the styles and colors that are right for your child. You might also want to check out other warm-weather apparel, such as trendy graphic tees and performance-oriented boys' swim trunks with UPF 50+ for added sun protection.


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