Best Boys’ Outfits for Playing Outside

Best Boys’ Outfits for Playing Outside

No matter the time of year, boys love to be outside. There are sports to play and friends to chase. There’s sunshine to soak up, too – but occasionally there are also brisk winds and unexpected rains. You can make sure that your little ones are ready for anything by carefully curating their wardrobes with high-quality pieces from a boys' clothing store. With the right pieces in the mix, you’ll have an outfit to help them stay comfortable no matter what the day brings. Here are the best boys’ outfits for outdoor playtime.

Fun With Friends

Kids tend to get a bit rambunctious when they’re playing with one another. You’ll know it by the telltale shrieks of delight and boisterous yells you hear emanating from the backyard. There’s nothing better than knowing that they’re having fun and exercising at the same time.

The best way to help them get through it without losing their cool? Think lightweight duds, like boys’ T-shirts and shorts. Opt for longer sleeves on cooler days, but otherwise, your child will love the way his short-sleeve top adds something fun to his look – a bright color, for example, or a playful graphic. Look for shorts with elastic waistbands and adjustable drawstrings, which make it easy for kids to find the perfect fit. Why worry about discomfort when you’re running around playing with friends?

At the Park

There’s so much to do at the park, especially when the weather heats up. Whether he’s swinging or running around on the grass or playing sports, he needs an outfit that will see him through it all in comfort. Look for garments made with airy, breathable fabrics, like lightweight cotton – all the better if there’s a bit of stretch involved to enhance his comfort levels while he’s learning how to serve or playing with his siblings.

T-shirts are no-fail choices, and you can snap up a few in every color of the rainbow so that he always has a clean and reliable option for his outdoor adventures. Another option? Effortless boys’ polos. They look great with everything from shorts to sweatpants, so if the weather cools down a little bit he can keep the same top while adding some extra warmth on the bottom.

Playing Ball

Warm weather offers a great excuse for kids to unleash their inner athletes. Whether he loves basketball or baseball or both, he needs outfits that will see him through from that first move to the very end of the game. Comfort is king where intense physical activity is concerned. If he’s just playing casually and doesn’t have a uniform, a wardrobe full of outdoor-friendly clothes will help him look and feel his best when he’s breaking a sweat.

Pull-on shorts for boys are key, especially those with made materials that wick moisture away from the body. Look for features like drawstrings so he can adjust the fit to his desired comfort, along with locker loops so he can hang them up if he’s playing at school. Another essential element for those especially active kids is odor control. It will help him feel dry and fresh no matter how many home runs he hits out of the park.

At the Pool

Playing at the pool is the ultimate warm-weather pastime. Is there anything more fun than splashing around in the cool water while the sun shines brightly? Whether your kid is a novice just learning how to swim or an experienced swimmer who loves spending as much time in the water as possible, he needs a pair of boys’ swim trunks for the occasion.

Key features set the highest quality trunks apart from their counterparts. Look for cute and colorful pairs that he’ll enjoy wearing in the water – along with functional details like UPF 50 to protect his skin from potent ultraviolet rays, mesh liners for added comfort, and quick-dry fabrics that help him dry off quickly after an intense swim session.

On a Hike

Hikes call for more protective clothing in general. Clothes should be relatively loose and lightweight to ensure that his body temperature remains stable while he’s navigating trails and exploring the grounds. Look for moisture-wicking fabrics so that he doesn’t have to think about sticky clothes as the temperature climbs.

Boys’ pants should have a little wiggle room to help him move as freely and easily as possible. Avoid thinner fabrics on the top and the bottom; natural elements like branches and stones have the potential to tear through them in particularly tight areas. UPF-enhanced clothing is equally essential, as is a summer hat to protect his eyes and face from harsh sunlight.

What He Needs

Make his comfort a priority! When in doubt, snap up a few pairs of T-shirts and shorts to see him through the warmest months of the year. Those are pieces that he can wear inside and outside, so they’ll get plenty of use even when he’s enjoying some downtime after all that activity!


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