Best Bottoms to Wear With Wedges

Best Bottoms to Wear With Wedges

Are you a big fan of wedges and love incorporating them into your spring and summer outfits? Wedges are a great heeled footwear choice because they are practical, much easier to walk in compared to other heels, and unbelievably stylish. If you want to maximize the stylish look of wedges, there are certain outfits, and bottoms more specifically, that go beautifully with wedges. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best bottoms to wear with wedges.

Skinny Jeans or Jeggings

Wedges look fabulous with a good pair of skinny jeans, jeggings, or leggings in certain colors and made with a high quality material. If you want to piece together a comfortable and casual yet cute and stylish outfit, few combos beat the blue skinny jeans and wedges look. Finish the outfit with your favorite tee or tank, and throw on a cardigan if you need a second layer. If you want to make the outfit a little dressier, opt for a blouse in lieu of a tee. If it is a chillier spring day, you can top the look off with a long sleeve cotton shirt in a solid color.


Although dresses aren’t technically bottoms, they make for one of the best articles of clothing to wear with wedges. Wedges are such a summery footwear choice and look great in the spring and summer. And what else looks great during the spring and summer seasons? Dresses, of course! It’s easy to create a flattering, stylish, and even slightly formal outfit with a cute floral sundress or tall maxi dress and a pair of wedge sandals. It’s the quintessential outfit to wear on Easter Sunday, at a high school graduation, or to a family reunion.


Long skirts, knee-length skirts, midi skirts, pleated skirts...there are so many skirt lengths, colors, cuts, and styles that go beautifully with a pair of wedge sandals. In addition to having a couple of cute dresses you can wear with your wedges, look through your closet and find some nice, lightweight spring and summer skirts that will go well with your wedges. If you don’t seem to have anything that goes with the wedges you own, invest in some new skirts. Both solid-colored skirts and prints like floral go beautifully with wedges and make the ultimate springtime outfit. If you want something casual yet feminine, pair a floral midi skirt with a white top and a pair of wedges. This sort of outfit can be worn at the office or during brunch with your girlfriends.


A nice pair of linen shorts or khaki shorts are great summertime bottoms to wear with wedge sandals. It’s such a timeless, warm look that you can get away with wearing all summer long. With khaki shorts, you can create a monochromatic ensemble and stick to beige colors like tan wedges and a white top. With linen shorts, you can opt for solid colors or prints like black and white stripes or a combination of solid colors and prints. Denim shorts and black shorts can also be worn nicely with wedges. If you are planning a boating outing or a chic summer dinner party, the linen shorts and wedge sandals combo will be a real hit.

Linen Pants and Trousers

Speaking of linen, if you wouldn’t want to wear shorts with wedges, you could always wear linen pants with them instead. Linen pants are so light, comfortable, and flowy, and when worn with wedges, you can achieve a laid back yet subtly glamorous outfit, ideal for wearing when you host a dinner party and want to feel comfortable but look fabulous. It’s entirely up to you what color linen pants or trousers you would want to wear with wedges, but if you wear this ensemble in the spring or summer, stick to lighter hues, neutral colors, and pastels.


Why limit yourself to short bottoms or long bottoms when you can have something that meets in the middle, like capris? The capri and wedges combo is nearly as classic as wedges and blue jeans. If you want a casual, comfortable spring outfit, pair white capris with your favorite wedge sandals and top off the look with a colorful or patterned blouse. If the idea of wearing white is too daunting for you as it is for many (think of all the spilling accidents that could occur), try a more fun color like salmon or light purple or green. Colorful capris with a neutral top and a pair of wedge sandals is yet another effortlessly stylish outfit.

Now that you have these suggestions in mind, start creating fun spring and summer outfits with your wedge sandals.


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