Best Boots for Taking Walks This Fall

Best Boots for Taking Walks This Fall

There is so much to love about fall, a season that seems to satisfy all the senses. The red and orange hues of the trees, the crisp crunch of leaves under your feet, the smell of all things pumpkin spice, and the feel of cozy sweaters that warm your skin—it all presents a certain fondness that tends to only last for a short amount of time before winter takes over. You never really know what kind of weather to expect in fall, though. One day may feel like summer, while the next feels more like the middle of winter. So if you’re the type of person who likes to be outside as much as possible, whether walking through the neighborhood looking at Halloween decorations or taking hikes through rugged terrain, you’ll need a good pair of boots on your feet while doing it. No matter what fall throws at you, here are our recommendations for the best boots for your fall walks.

For Fall Hikes

Starting with the obvious option, hiking boots may be the first type of boot that comes to mind for taking walks in the fall. Typically, hiking boots are for the more serious hikers than for people who just like to take a casual walk around their neighborhood. But that’s not to say they won’t work. They just require a little more effort to put on, as they’re a bit snug at the ankle and typically have lots of laces to hook and tie. As far as appearance goes, hiking boots tend to look more rugged. They also have thick soles with lots of traction for encounters with slippery surfaces. Hiking boots tend to be on the heavier side as well, but they can still be super comfortable for long treks through the fall leaves or even through mud and snow if they’re waterproof.

For Everyday Adventures

When you’re not quite sure what the weather will bring and want to wear something that acts like a shoe but works like a boot, there’s nothing quite like women’s duck boots. Just as the name suggests, duck boots keep your feet dry just like a duck’s feathers keep them dry. And they do this without really looking like proper rain boots — they’re more like a combination between a loafer and a rain boot. The sole is waterproof, and depending on the type of duck boot, the rest may be waterproof as well. In terms of style, they can reach all the way up to the calf, just over the ankle or just below the ankle. They aren’t as heavy as snow boots, but they’re also not quite intended for super cold conditions like snow boots are. As such, they’re perfect for slipping on before your fall walk, especially if there are any puddles from passing rain showers.

For the Slush Sloshers

Don’t rule out women’s winter boots just because they’re not labeled for fall. After all, some fall days are more wintery than others, whether in regard to cold temperatures or even snowflakes (that eventually turn into wet slush). You’re going to need a pair anyway, so why not have them handy for when the leaves start to fall from the trees and Father Winter starts to creep in? Look for a water-resistant outer shell with something like soft fleece inside to keep your feet warm and dry. If they’re easy to pull on, that’s an added bonus that will help you get out there and enjoy your walk as soon as possible, without having to mess around with laces.

For the Puddle Jumpers

Don’t let a little rain ruin your day. Walks in light rain are actually quite enjoyable as long as you have all the gear to keep you dry. The smell of the rain combined with the gentle taps it makes on the pavement brings a special kind of ambiance to a walk. So throw on a rain jacket or grab your umbrella and get yourself some rain boots or Wellingtons that are perfect for those early fall showers. Pull them on over some leggings and warm socks, and you’ll be right for the rain.

For the Casual Walker

At times, you may just have the urge to get some fresh air and take a walk around the neighborhood when the mood strikes. Having some moccasin boots at the ready by the front door is a smart and stylish way to prepare for your walk. Moccasins never go out of style — they’re just too comfortable to say goodbye to for the season. Typically made of suede, they slip on easily and provide loads of warmth. Just make sure you get some that have a hard sole in case the sidewalk is wet because suede and water don’t really like each other. Their casual appearance means they pair perfectly with a women's sweater, so make sure your favorite one is hanging by the door for when you get the urge to go for a nice fall walk.

Don’t let fall fly by and miss the chance to enjoy it. Pull on your new boots and enjoy a nice fall walk.


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