Best Big & Tall Men's Outfits for Winter

Best Big & Tall Men's Outfits for Winter

If you do most of the shopping for your Big & Tall man, make sure he’s ready for winter with the right cold-weather apparel. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, you’ll winter clothing in Big & Tall sizes to fit every man. Styles range from casual and rugged to dressy and polished, so you can find something that’s right for you or your guy.

Men’s Thermal Underwear

For plenty of warmth on the coldest winter days, there’s men’s thermal underwear. You’ll find Big & Tall thermals made from silk, which are light and breathable. There are Thermaskin™ thermal tops and bottoms that wick away moisture while providing warmth for cool comfort all day. Thermals come in short-sleeved and long-sleeved styles, so you can find a set that works for every winter outfit in his or your closet.

Jeans and Flannel Shirts

Big & Tall men’s jeans are among the most versatile pieces of clothing a guy can have. Whether he prefers slim-fit or relaxed-fit jeans, there’s something to fit every body type. Denim for men comes in washes ranging from light to dark to complement any shirt.

Speaking of shirts, men’s big and tall flannel shirts are an excellent accompaniment to jeans. They can be layered over men’s turtlenecks for plenty of warmth or worn over a T-shirt for less warmth and a more casual look. Guys can also wear flannels without anything but an undershirt underneath—look for undershirts made from light, breathable cotton for all-day comfort. They come in convenient multipacks, so he’ll always have one ready to wear.

Cargo Pants and Long-Sleeve Tees

Another versatile style is men’s cargo pants. These pants have a semi-dressy look and come in versatile colors like khaki and charcoal. They’re equipped with plenty of pockets for carrying small items, and they’re always in style. You’ll find cargo pants with different fits, although a classic or relaxed fit tends to go well with almost any shirt style. The long-sleeved tee is a men’s wardrobe staple for winter. There are solid-color Big & Tall long-sleeved T-shirts and graphic tees with eye-catching prints. Wear them on their own or under an unbuttoned flannel or cotton button-down shirt for ’90s-inspired style. There are plenty of ways to wear T-shirts and cargo pants, whether he likes an understated look or bright colors.

Dress Pants and Sweaters

For the office or any formal event, consider men’s wool dress pants. Look for washable wool for convenient cleaning; as the name suggests, these pants have the dressy look of wool but are a fabric blend that’s machine-washable. Chino pants are another versatile type of dress pants that can be worn to work or for a date night.

Men’s big and tall cashmere sweaters go well with dress pants and come in terrific styles and colors. There are also cotton/modal blends, which are easy to clean and lightweight enough to layer. Wear dress pants with a collared shirt and V-neck sweater, or layer on a sweater vest and top it with a men’s blazer. Pair a chunky knit cotton or wool sweater with corduroy pants for an on-trend cottagecore look.

Sweatpants and Hoodies

Athleisure is one of the hottest trends for winter, although it’s never really out of style. There are Big & Tall sweatpants and sweatshirts in many styles, including pullovers with hoods. Sherpa-lined hoodies are extra-warm and cozy enough to cuddle up in on cold winter evenings. There are also zippered hoodies in many colors, styles, and fabrics—including Lands’ End's famous fleece.

There are different levels of warmth when it comes to fleece athletic wear. You’ll find lightweight Big & Tall fleece jackets for mild winter days, along with mid-weight fleece that’s warmer. Then, for the coldest days, there’s heavy fleece, which comes in just as many styles and colors as the other types of fleece apparel. Fleece layers well under heavier jackets and coats, which are also available in Big & Tall sizes.

Big & Tall Outerwear

There are all kinds of Big & Tall men’s coats from which to choose. Like fleece, they come in different warmth ratings. You’ll see Warm, Warmer, and Warmest designations on Lands’ End outerwear to help you decide. There are big and tall winter coats in different lengths from jackets to parkas to longer stadium length coats. If your man doesn’t care for down, gift him with a coat made with a synthetic down material with all the loft and warmth—but none of the feathers.

Big & Tall Winter Accessories

Don’t forget winter accessories when shopping for your Big & Tall man. There are men’s hats, gloves, and scarves that add extra warmth to any outfit, and they come in a variety of stylish colors and prints. You’ll also find men’s winter boots, most of which are insulated and waterproof to protect against the elements.


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