Best Big and Tall Casual Shirts for Summer

Best Big and Tall Casual Shirts for Summer

Summer is the perfect time to shed those layers and have more fun with your style. Shirts are a great way to introduce new colors and patterns into your wardrobe. They’re also comfortable and versatile without compromising on style. They’re ideal for when you need something casual but not sloppy or unflattering. When it comes to picking out big and tall casual summer shirts, fabric and fit is key. Go for something that’s durable, breathable, and not too restrictive.

Shirts made from stretchy fabric are a good choice. They offer a lightweight feel and freedom of movement. Be sure to also pay attention to the design of the shirt. Sleeveless silhouettes, for example, can be layered with lightweight shirts. The loose fit of the shirt will create a soothing breeze against your skin, while the tank top helps manage sweat. So which shirt styles work best for big and tall men? Read on to discover our top choices. These casual summer shirts will help you stay cool and comfy while upgrading your style.


You can never have too many T-Shirts! These trusty summer staples are a must-have for any man’s wardrobe. Big and tall tee shirts made from 100% cotton are ideal for warm weather. They’re breathable and lightweight, so you’ll stay cool all day long. Cotton is also soft and gentle against the skin, making these T-Shirts some of the comfiest you’ll ever own.

No matter your style, it’s easy to find a T-Shirt to match it. They come in a range of different colors, patterns, prints, and designs. White is always a popular choice for hot weather. It’s light and refreshing, looks good on everyone, and can be worn with anything. Graphic T-Shirts are another great choice for summer. Whether you go for a funny slogan or a portrait of your favorite band, they’ll bring a pop of personality to your outfits. Mix and match your T-Shirts with everything from shorts to sweatpants to create different casual looks.

Tank Tops

Thanks to their versatility, tank tops are one of the best big and tall shirts to have in your summer rotation. You can wear these sleeveless tops on their own, or layer them under other lightweight shirts. Tank tops also double up as workout tees and coverups for the pool or beach. They’re available in different lengths and fits, so it’s easy to find something that suits your needs. Look for breathable, sweat-wicking fabrics. These will help you stay cool and dry, even in extreme heat.

Like T-Shirts, tank tops come in a range of colors and designs. Keep it simple with a solid neutral, or go for a bolder look with a vibrant print. A tank top is easy to style with any pair of big and tall shorts. For more coverage, layer your tank top underneath a short-sleeve, button-up shirt. This outfit will look great with sandals, flip-flops, boat shoes, or slides.

Short-Sleeve Shirts

Big and tall dress shirts are another great option for summer. They’re versatile, stylish, and easy to wear. You can rock one on its own, or layer it with other clothing to create different looks. Choose a short-sleeve design cut from lightweight fabric, like linen or cotton. A slim cut is flattering without being too tight. You could also go for a boxy fit, which is stylish but also relaxed.

Play with lightweight layers by pairing your dress shirt with a tank top or t-shirt. This combo will look great with shorts, but you can also style it with cropped or loose-fitting pants. Wear it with rolled-up chinos, for example, and a pair of leather sandals. You can also style a short-sleeve dress shirt with big and tall jeans.

Polo Shirts

Men’s polo shirts are a great way to elevate your outfit in the heat. These timeless classics look smart and flattering, but they’re also breathable and lightweight. Many polo shirts are made from moisture-wicking fabrics to keep sweat at bay. They come in solid neutrals and vibrant, patterned designs. Thanks to the collar, these shirts make great layering pieces. You can pop them under a linen blazer or denim jacket for a sharp look without any of the bulk.

The versatility of a polo shirt makes it easy to style for different looks. You can pair it with chino shorts, for example, and boat shoes or loafers. Polo shirts also work with many kinds of big and tall pants. Throw one on with jeans or cargo pants and crisp, white sneakers. If there's a breeze, you can also layer a polo shirt under a cardigan or windbreaker jacket.

Tees, tank tops, short-sleeves, and polos are the best big and tall shirts to add to your summer wardrobe. They’ll keep you cool and comfortable while looking stylish. In cooler weather, you can also layer these tops with sweaters and jackets. This flexibility makes them well worth the investment. Focus on fabric and fit to find the silhouettes that work best for you. Then mix and match them with your favorite pieces to create your ideal summer looks.


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