The Best Big and Tall PJs for Camping

The Best Big and Tall PJs for Camping

Staying comfortable is essential when you’re camping. Imagine the setting: you’re surrounded by stunning wilderness, enjoying the wonders of Mother Nature, taking in the humbling scenery, and generally forgetting the stresses of the world for a while. The right sleepwear can make a big difference when you wind down at the end of the day—especially if you wear big and tall clothing and generally have a trickier time finding apparel that fits well.

Men and women alike find camping a whole lot easier when they come prepared for everything. A pair of cozy pajama pants that fits just right is important for so many reasons, largely because a poor night’s rest can affect your judgment the next day. You don’t want to do anything that compromises your safety in an unfamiliar location or while you’re hiking a tricky trail. Simply put, the right sleepwear can greatly affect your overall camping experience. Here are some of the best styles to wear.

Flannel Pajamas

No doubt about it: flannel pajamas are game-changing. There’s just nothing like flannel, whether you’re curled up on the couch or roughing it outdoors. The material feels invitingly soft to the touch, making it a great choice for camping during fall or winter. The material is carefully brushed to lend it that wonderfully smooth texture.

But don’t be fooled by that luxurious warmth—flannel is still breathable and light to wear. It won’t constrict your movements while you’re zipped up in your sleeping bag and trying to get a good night’s rest. It locks in body heat without overwhelming you or leaving you feeling sticky and uncomfortably hot. When you wear big and tall sleepwear, you’re naturally wearing longer swaths of fabric, so it’s important that you choose pieces that are airy and promote air circulation without sacrificing your comfort. Flannel meets every need.

Jersey Pajamas

Prized for its ultra-soft texture, jersey fabric is thick, substantial, and warm, making it the right choice for your outdoor adventures. Tall separates for men and women are great for keeping campers warm while allowing the skin to breathe. These pajamas promote optimal air circulation while locking in body heat, and they feel so good you may be tempted to wear them even when you’re hanging around the campsite relaxing with your loved ones.

Of course, that’s totally acceptable—jersey separates are versatile enough to wear in so many ways. Try the bottoms with a flannel robe or a flannel shirt when you want to stay toasty by the fire. Details like elastic waistbands and adjustable drawstrings make it easy to get the best possible fit. Some styles have side pockets, so you can slip a small flashlight or your smartphone inside if you need to step outside when it’s dark.

Long Cardigans

Once you find the perfect pajamas, you’ll want to wear them all the time—and that includes those moments when you aren’t snuggled up in your sleeping bag or relaxing on your camping mattress. Keeping that in mind while you’re packing, bring along a tall open-front sweater that you can slip into while you’re singing songs by the campfire, telling ghost stories to the kids, and enjoying some quality time outside.

The open front is key because it exudes a casual appearance and looks right at home with a pair of comfortable pajamas. Look for a style with some added length, as the extra coverage will help you stay toasty when winds pick up or temperatures drop. Add a pair of plush socks and slippers, and you’ll be ready for anything at any time.

Choosing Big and Tall Pajamas

There are so many factors to consider when choosing pajamas for your camping trip. But when you’re shopping for big and tall styles, make sure that they’re designed specifically with your body type in mind. Tops should be long enough to provide adequate torso coverage, while pants should sit at the navel or slightly higher for your comfort.

While it’s common for all individuals to wear their bottoms a little lower, comfort-wear is a different story. Of course, you can also throw on a long nightgown if you prefer—they’re designed with soft materials and the strictest attention to detail. They’re also easy to wear, so you can quickly throw one on and be ready for bed in an instant.

The best big and tall pajamas are the ones that fit just right without restricting your movement. That’s especially key at a campsite when the last thing you want to worry about is clothes that don’t fit properly. Choose styles that you normally wear at home, and take into account factors like the weather and your sleeping bag’s temperature rating. If you’re the type who is always cold, keep plenty of layers handy for the trip. You won’t regret planning ahead where your sleepwear is concerned.

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