Best Bedding for a Cozy Bedroom

Best Bedding for a Cozy Bedroom

There’s nothing quite like crawling into bed after a long day. Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries, our chill zones, and where we (hopefully) get to recharge and rest up in tranquil sleep spaces. While we want our bedrooms to be aesthetically pleasing and reflections of our decor preferences, regardless of our personal styles, we all have one shared goal for our bedrooms. That’s for them to be cozy. Whether your decor vibe is beautifully boho, modern and minimalist, rustic farmhouse, mid-century modern, coastal chic, or any blend of various styles you like best, having a cozy bedroom is a must for any home.

A lot of factors go into making a bedroom feel cozy, from finding soft yet practical lighting options to choosing the perfect rugs to sink our feet into when we wake up in the morning. But opting for the right bedding is an absolute must. A cozy bedroom starts with the bed, after all, and investing in your sleep space to be as comfy as possible is key. Read on for the best bedding for achieving the cozy nights and mornings of your dreams.

A Solid Percale Sheet Set

A cozy bedroom starts with the bedding and picking the right bedding starts with the best bed sheets. Sheets are the foundation for creating a comfy sleep space that’ll allow you to drift off to dreamland night after night. One great option for bed sheets is a 300 Supima cotton percale sheet set. Percale cotton tends to have a slightly crisper feeling than your standard cotton, and sleeping on Supima cotton is like cuddling up in a pile of all of your comfiest T-shirts. Percale is also a perfect option if you run warm at night since being cozy shouldn’t necessarily lead to overheating.

Opt for a set of 300-count Supima cotton percale sheets in In a peaceful shade like pale flax or light fog grey for an aesthetic that also promotes peaceful feelings. These shades are also super versatile, so they’ll look great with any quilts, throws, or duvet covers that you have.

A Velvet Flannel Sheet Set

If you think of two cozy materials, velvet and flannel likely come to mind immediately. So, when it comes to comfy and warm flannel sheets, opt for velvet flannel to elevate the feeling and cozy factor. Velvet fleece sheets are perfect for feeling warm and toasty even on the coldest nights, so opt for this kind for those fall and winter nights.

The right flannel sheets will trap heat without feeling stuffy, and while it’s hard to think of flannel getting any cozier, flannel that’s been brushed and sheared for a velvety feeling is downright dreamy. Opt for velvet flannel sheets in a print that works best for your decor aesthetic, like blue floral or teal checker. These also make ideal comfy Christmas or holiday sheets if you opt for a print like ivory with sled dogs or wrapped gifts.

A Linen Sheet Set

While we tend to think about cozying up when it gets colder out, having a comfy bedroom and bedding option is essential year-round. That’s why we’ve included linen sheet sets on our list. Linen is the perfect way to get cozy in the spring or summer when it’s warmer, but you still want those comfy vibes that make it impossible not to hit snooze a few extra times in the morning.

Linen bed sheets are particularly on point if you’re looking to turn your room into a comfortable boho haven, although this material works for any bedroom aesthetic you have in mind. Stay cozy no matter the season with a set of garment-washed chambray linen sheets or flax linen sheets in an earthy tone like sage. Linen is also a must if you run warm at night and want breathable bed sheets that are soft but with an airy feel.

A Down Comforter

While sheets are absolutely essential for achieving a cozy bedroom vibe, bedding doesn’t stop there. You’ll also want to ensure that you have a comforter that feels positively cloudlike, which is where down comforters come in. A down comforter will guarantee warm nights without feeling too heavy, which is ideal for restful nights and comfy mornings.

You’ll want to opt for a duvet cover that takes your down comforter to the next level, like flannel, velvet flannel, or a super soft Supima cotton option. And to really reach peak coziness, don’t shy away from adding elements like a cashmere or faux fur throw blanket (throws will also add style points to your space, so it’s a win-win!).

With bedding like percale, velvet flannel, or linen bed sheets with a down comforter and a pile of cloudlike throws, we can’t guarantee that you won’t be leaving events early just to get into your cozy bed. Here’s to many nights of restful sleep and slow mornings ahead with the best bed sheets you've ever had!


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