Best Beachwear for Plus-Size Women

Best Beachwear for Plus-Size Women

Your curves belong on the beach—and the best plus-size swimwear is going to take you there in style! This season, there are so many fresh looks to try out. There are new materials and styles to try on while classic looks are always in too. This means that while your black bikini should get a reprise, it’s okay to find something new to love. The best swimsuit for you is going to boost your confidence and provide that style update you need to feel fresh this season. If you’re looking for plus-size swimwear that will rock your summer, look no further. Check out the best beachwear for your curves here.

Quality Matters

When you get a new swimsuit, its quality and fit determine how happy you will be with it. Don’t just grab anything off the rack, make sure that the materials are durable and last a few seasons. Chlorine-resistant fabrics are an instant win because they won’t fade after being in the pool. Firm materials made of spandex are also durable and hold their shape well. Tummy control swimsuits and regular one-piece swimsuits can be found in these sturdy fabrics that do a good job at shaping curves and staying in one place. Tankini two-pieces are supportive, especially if you get versions with underwire bust support and strong spandex materials that don’t loosen after just a few washes. By getting a quality swimsuit, you can have the perfect fit that suits your body the best.

Two-Piece Matching Sets

Plus-size swim tops and bottoms unite to make endless combinations of fun swimwear outfits! Pick various styles to switch things up like bandeaus, bralettes, tops with underwire, and triangle-shaped bikini tops. Create different moods by getting dark and sophisticated monotone suits and bold and bright patterns for a cheerful look.

Wide shoulder straps are useful for swim tops when you want extra support, while bikini and high-waist bottoms offer a stylish twist to your outfit creations. Don’t forget your plus-size swimsuit cover-up to be prepared for time out of the water. These handy items can also double as regular dresses on your non-swimming days and make it easy to go from the sand to the boardwalk restaurant without any hasty bathroom changes.

Tummy Control and Shaping Swimwear

Women of all sizes appreciate the smoothing effect of shaping swimwear, especially when it comes to tummy control swimwear—with strategic firming material right where we want it the most. The subtle magic of shapewear that works underneath our special occasion dresses doesn’t just need to happen at your friend’s wedding or birthday dinner. Take that mojo and put it into a swimsuit—and you have the ultimate beachwear. When you have that tone-up from a firm shaping fabric, everything looks smooth and shapely. These suits are made to celebrate all shapes and make you feel amazing!

Shaping swimwear comes in all forms—from firming tankinis and one-pieces to more revealing two-pieces. When you want to rock the two-piece look with the extra support, tummy control high-waist bottoms make it easy to mix and match while achieving the shape you want. What’s the secret? Swimsuits made with LYCRA Xtra Life™ spandex are strong and resist breaking down even after contact with the sun, chlorine, and sunscreen.

One-Strap Swimsuits

Many styles come back in cycles, and one-strap suits have truly made a strong comeback. We love this cut in both one-pieces and two-piece varieties. A good one-strap suit will have a strong singular strap to provide enough support to keep your top in the same place all day. One-piece varieties should be comfortable with solutions like no-dig leg openings so that you feel free to run and play without any discomfort. Asymmetric necklines are so flattering on many body types, whether you have wide or narrow shoulders! So, if you’re looking for a fresh upgrade in your plus-size swim collection, grab this style while it’s hot!

Tankini Swim Dresses

When you want the best of both worlds—a swim separate for the bottom and a dress-length tankini on top—then a tankini swim dress is the suit for you. This style allows you to mix and match separates and make trips to the restroom a snap. When you’re ready for an outfit change, change your bottom into leggings or jeans!

Tankinis are flattering, versatile, and easy to wear for people of all ages. When you’re not at the beach, take your plus-size tankini tops to the gym with your favorite activewear bottom. They’re also great for outdoor sports and camping trips because they keep you cool and dry easily. Get different styles of tankini tops with different necklines like a plunging V, a sweetheart neckline, or a supportive twist bust line with a built-in bra and molded cups. With so many options, you can bring a fresh and interesting look to the pool every time.

These plus-size beachwear options are sure to make a statement next time you head out to enjoy a day by the water.


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