Best Beach Outfits for a 4th of July Celebration

Best Beach Outfits for a 4th of July Celebration

The 4th of July is around the corner, and we're anticipating all the fireworks, delicious food, stars and stripes, and red, white, and blue. We’re also planning our beach celebration outfits that are the perfect balance of fun, summery, and celebratory to do the 4th of July right. While we all have our own traditional way of celebrating this favorite American holiday, spending the day or evening at the beach celebrating is one of the best ways to ring it in. While hanging at the beach, you want to be sure your outfit is the perfect balance between celebration and relaxation. These are some of the best beach outfits for a 4th of July celebration that we’re eying up this summer.

A Stellar Swimsuit

What’s a beach party without an epic swimsuit? If you’re planning to spend the day celebrating the 4th of July at the beach, then a stellar swimsuit is a must. You’ll want to wear something comfortable, flattering, fun, and functional.

While everyone has preferences regarding swimwear, we invite you to wear something that also fits the theme. Nautical-styled swimwear, especially if it includes stripes, is a great on-brand way to celebrate the 4th of July on the beach. Also, plan to bring along a stylish swimsuit cover-up or kaftan to slip on and off easily while relaxing on the beach. Choose something light-colored and breezy for a perfect summer day.

Patriotic Prints and Colors

Get ready for all kinds of stars and stripes and red, white, and blue to be in theme for any 4th of July celebration. Patriotic prints and colors are always a go when choosing what to wear for the 4th. While you don’t have to look like a flag, you can still add certain elements to your outfit that will match the day.

For example, wearing a nautical-themed swimsuit or a blue-and-white striped women’s blouse will match the theme of the day without going overboard. Also, wearing white shorts with a blue polo shirt and a red fashion scarf is another way to go all red, white, and blue without doing too much. Another popular print for the 4th of July is stars. Wear a swimsuit printed with stars or a T-shirt covered in stars for the perfect patriotic look for your beach celebration.

Summer Dress

Nothing quite beats wearing a summer dress to a summer beach celebration. Even if you’re planning on spending the whole day lounging around in your beach chair, you should definitely bring along a summer dress. Cotton summer dresses are an excellent choice, as the cotton fabric is lightweight, breezy, and breathable, which is perfect for a sizzling summer day. A summer dress can also easily take you from the afternoon to the evening and into the night so you can stay comfortable, stunning, and stylish from beach bumming all the way to fireworks. Get in theme for the holiday by choosing a dress with stripes or the all-time favorite of red, white, and blue.

The Classic

You can’t go wrong with the classic all-American look perfect for a 4th of July beach party. While beaches tend to be hot during the day, they can certainly cool down at night with that refreshing sea breeze. After a day baking in the hot sun, the sudden temperature change might feel a bit chilly. Stay warm and stylish with the classic white pants-and-polo look that's just made for relaxing at a beach party and celebrating the 4th.

Wear either full-length pants or white capri pants paired with a classic polo shirt or button-up blouse for a sophisticated yet beach-casual look that's ideal for a late afternoon or evening beach party. If it’s too hot for pants, opt for a pair of khaki or white shorts instead. Accessorize with a red, white, and blue fashion scarf to seal the deal. Definitely take advantage of the summer heat and enjoy wearing all your favorite whites.

High-Waisted Shorts

This fun retro look is great for any summer celebration, but it makes a perfect base for a 4th of July beach party outfit. Wear a pair of high-waisted shorts with a crop top, tie top, or a tucked-in tank top for a beach perfect look. High-waisted shorts are also fun and flattering to wear while relaxing on the beach all day with your swimsuit top or over your one-piece. Keep a cotton cardigan or light sweatshirt around to throw on for the evening cool-down.

Shirt Dress

Laid-back and classy, a shirt dress is an easy go-to choice for a 4th of July celebration on the beach. Perfect for day wear and suitable for nighttime, a shirt dress can be styled for almost any beach party. Choose a simple button-down look or a white polo shirt dress for sophistication and comfort. We love the look of a shirt dress during a 4th of July beach party because it's easy, comfortable, simple, and all-American. Give it a patriotic twist by wearing red, white, or blue.

Be sure you’re ready for the 4th of July with one of these best beach outfits for celebrating Independence Day this year.


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