Best Bathing Suits for Women Over 40

Best Bathing Suits for Women Over 40

If you are heading off to the resort to escape cold weather or preparing for your annual summer vacation at your favorite beach town, a stylish swimsuit will elevate your overall experience. If you are a lady over 40, you may already know what works best for your body and what styles you love.

However, if you are unsure of the types of swimsuits to go for, read our list of the best bathing suits for women over 40. The list contains a range of swimsuit styles, varying from tummy control to bold and bright suits, all of which you’ll adore.

Tummy Control

Want a bathing suit that will flatter all figures? Go for tummy control swimsuits. Tummy control swimsuits have been in style for some time. However, they are even more stylish these days, with brands using more appealing attributes for the ultimate control and style. Some may even feature ruching, another stylish element.


Don a one-shoulder swimsuit—one-piece or two-piece—for a twist. One-shoulder styles let you reveal just enough while still offering additional support. Plus, they look cool since they offer something fresh beyond the usual halter, low-cut, and strapless bathing suits.


Look for swimsuits with a skirted hem. Skirted swimwear offers more coverage at the thighs while lending a touch of elegance. If you are not into high-cut leg openings, you should consider these swimsuit styles. Some modest swimsuits provide even more coverage than high-cut styles.

Animal Print

Many women over 40 love an animal-printed swimming suit because it allows them to feel bold and beautiful. You have plenty of choices when it comes to animal prints, such as leopard, cheetah, and zebra. You do not have to go with the classic color schemes, either. Try animal prints that consist of pink, blue, green, and purple shades. You will certainly stand out from the crowd rocking suits like these.


Tankinis are mostly sold separately. Tankini tops offer ideal coverage with an appearance of a tank top. Tankinis with high necklines provide more coverage while tankinis with a sweetheart neck and plunging neckline let you reveal a bit more. Match your favorite tankini tops with the bottoms of your choice, and you are ready to go.

Bright Shades

Toss out your little black bathing suit this year and go for something brighter. Many people love donning darker shades during the colder seasons, so there is no need to continue that trend once the warm weather rolls around. Bright yellow, red, orange, and neon will do. Consider rocking a floral printed swimsuit with a floral print. And match your ensemble with a resort-ready sun hat.

Look for Key Indicators

There’s more to cute bathing suits than a chic design. Look for specific size indicators and attributes to determine if your suit will fit you well, such as plus-size, petite, long, and cup types.


For more coverage and support, plus-size swimwear offers similar chic designs and colorways as regular sizes. Find the plus-size swimsuits that will let you enjoy your day at the beach while looking fabulous. Look for features that will offer you additional support, such as ruching and tummy control.

Petite & Long

Like plus-size, if you wear petite, make sure you also buy your swimsuits in this size. Remember: the key is to look your best! If you have a long torso, look for the indicator “long.” Pro tip: if you are a usual customer of an online retailer, use features such as a size predictor to choose your correct size based on past purchases. This feature is useful since brands have different ways of determining size.

It’s All About the Cup

To ensure you will get the support you need at the bust, make sure you choose the proper bathing suits. Underwire, underwire with built-in soft cups, and underwire with removable soft cups will give you maximum support. Swimsuits with built-in soft cups and removable soft cups will provide you with moderate support. A shelf bra offers light support. And a mastectomy bra features built-in soft cups for moderate support; a pocket on each side will accommodate your prosthesis.

Finishing Touches

Complete your look with a fashionable cover-up to drape over your swimwear. Beach cover-ups offer an elegant finish to your overall ensemble when you are not diving into the water. Wear a classic pattern, such as stripes. Or switch things up in a funky design. For head-to-toe coverage, consider a flowy kaftan swim cover-up or a maxi swim cover-up dress. Or just go for swim cover-ups that hit above or at the knee, like shirt-style cover-ups. Wide-leg pants and short cover-ups let you cover only your bottom. Flyaway cardigan swim cover-ups offer a chic drape over your bathing suit.

Finish off your look with fashionable sandals, a beach tote, sunglasses, and a sun hat. Mix and match with various textures for a unique look. You’re bound to turn heads during your next sunny vacation.


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