The Best Bathing Suits for Toddler Girls

The Best Bathing Suits for Toddler Girls

Toddler girls and summer! Is there anything better? Let’s look at some of the best bathing suit options to keep your little one comfy, safe, and having fun all summer long.

Well-Fitted Suits

Choosing a kids’ swimsuit for your toddler girl requires a bit of time and attention. For starters, many kids’ sizes may be too big for her (at least for now). Choose a time that will work well for both of you (perhaps after nap time for her) to go shopping at a brick-and-mortar store or to try on options you have ordered online. Keep her favorite colors and cartoon characters in mind and try to give her a bit of choice in the process to make it more fun.

A toddler girl’s bathing suit should give her a bit of room to grow, but it still shouldn’t be big enough that it will get saggy or be in danger of falling off when it gets wet. Swimsuits that come with adjustable straps can be helpful here. Just be sure that there is no way your little one could get tangled up in the straps as this could be unsafe. If your toddler girl will be wearing a swim diaper, make sure to try the suit on over one to gauge the fit.

Sun-Safe Suits

If you anticipate being out in the sun much at all, consider a toddler girls’ rash guard. You will want her to be safe from the sun and as comfy as possible. If you haven’t bought rash guards before, you have come to the right place. Rash guards are swimwear with short or long sleeves. They will keep her more covered from the sun, and some of them are even available with a UPF rating of 50 (the highest possible, blocking 98% of harmful UV rays). Sunscreen will still be important, but a good rash guard is a huge help in keeping them sun safe.

Many toddler girls prefer to wear a rash guard (especially if she gets to help pick out the design). They are less likely to bind or pinch than some bathing suit styles, and they have the advantage of being automatically modest because of their greater coverage area.

Easy-On and Easy-Off Suits

You will want to choose a bathing suit for your toddler girl that will be easy to put on and take off. There are a few different reasons for this. First, you want your little one to be comfy. Second, you want her to continue to gain experience with independent behaviors like dressing herself. Third, toddler girls sometimes need to get to the bathroom quickly, so you don’t want any tricky clothing getting in her way.

The fewer clasps and straps there are on a bathing suit, the easier it typically is to take on and off. Also, keep in mind that wet fabric is always heavier and more unwieldy than dry fabric. Give her as much independence as is practical, but always be available to help her into her suit or back out of it. If you have additional caregivers who will be supervising her near water, in addition to all necessary safety precautions, help them understand how much help she may need with getting into or out of her bathing suit.

Easy Cover-Ups

Choose a girls’ cover-up to keep her comfy when heading to or from the pool or beach. A pair of shorts and a T-shirt will also do the trick, but these will be two additional garments to your routine. Make sure to consider what the weather is likely to be and if you will be traveling in air conditioning on your way to or from playing in the water. Comfort is key!

An Extra Suit

It’s a great idea to have an extra bathing suit stashed in your beach bag, too. A girls’ one-piece swimsuit can be good for this. Some stains like fruit juice or a bit of ice cream are no big deal, but in the event of a bathroom accident, you will want to be able to get her cleaned up and into fresh clothing. A beach bag for a toddler is a bit like a diaper bag for an infant that way—you will want to be prepared for all possibilities.

Toddler Water Shoes

Water shoes can be a great addition to a toddler girl’s swim ensemble. If you will be anywhere that her feet could get hurt, either have her wear a sturdy pair of water shoes or plan on bringing a pair of her tennis shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. This same advice goes for grown-ups, too. Water shoes are great for the whole family!

Choose a great toddler bathing suit (or two) and have a wonderful summer with your girl!


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