Best Bathing Suits for a Short Torso

Best Bathing Suits for a Short Torso

Summer is here, and shopping for a new swimsuit is one of the best parts of the season — alongside relaxing on the beach and soaking up the sun, of course.

When bathing suit shopping, sometimes you can find the perfect fit on the first try. And other times, you have to spend a little time searching for something that fits you. To save time, analyze your body type beforehand to determine which styles are likely to look best on you. One aspect to take into consideration is your torso length. If you have a shorter torso, there are certain swimsuit styles you may already favor without knowing it and some styles you may want to explore. Either way, it's something fun to do to make your shopping experience more varied and enjoyable.

First, how do you know if you have a short torso? It is a matter of measurement. Take a tape measure and measure from your armpit to the dip of your waist. Write down that number, then measure from the dip in your waist to your hip. If the first number from the top is smaller than the second number on the bottom, your torso is on the shorter side.

Now, let's see how we can make you look awesome on the beach this summer! On to the bathing suits!


Whether it is a two-piece swimsuit or a one-piece swimsuit, the V-neck shape is one that elongates. You get a longer neck and a longer torso. By creating this illusion of length, this ends up being one of those styles that will flatter just about everyone. Halter women's bikini tops are great styles for making an eye-catching "V," especially those with a dramatic plunge. If halters are not your style, having a neckline ending in a point, even with regular straps, will get you the same effect.


High-neck swimsuits are just like they sound: they have high necks. These swimsuits are made with the most visually interesting part, the neckline, at the top. That keeps the eye high around your neck, making your torso appear longer. You can pair this style with the V-neck by having a V-shaped cut out in the bathing suit. Two for one!


One-shoulder swimsuits definitely catch the eye. Yet surprisingly, many styles usually cover quite a bit. It's a great cut for those who want a unique look while maintaining modesty. Plus, this cut draws the eye up the shoulder and visually helps your torso length. Just make sure you use sunscreen so that you don't end up with one-shoulder tan lines!

Details on Top

Another style element that will keep the eye high is to have detailing at the top of the bathing suit. This can be embroidery around the neck, ruffles on the shoulder straps, or even a change in pattern that catches the attention. Again, when you have something of interest up high on the neck or shoulders of your bathing suit, it makes your torso seem longer.

You can use color to your advantage in the same way. The eye is drawn to lighter, brighter colors, so having these elements high pulls the eye up. A great example of this is an ombre fade from dark on the bottom to lighter on top.

Vertical Patterns and Solid Colors

If you have a bathing suit cut you prefer, but you still want some help with length, consider changing up the pattern of your bathing suit. Vertical patterns like stripes, chevrons, flowers, or other designs in vertical lines help draw the eye up and down. If you don't prefer patterns, keeping your one-piece bathing suit in one solid color block has a lengthening effect. This strategy works primarily with one-piece swimsuits; a single solid color with nothing to break it up creates a vertical column of color, and the unbroken line elongates your torso. If you want to make the line even longer, go with a swim dress. For bikinis, there are other style strategies.


We've talked a bit about styles for the top, now for bottom styles. Two-piece bathing suits don't get to have a solid block of color that the one-pieces have. But they have another element they can take advantage of. Bottoms with a low waist expose more of your torso. Skin can count as a color block, too, so the more of it you show, the longer your torso looks.

String Bikini Bottoms

Along the same lines, string bikinis with ties on the side expose more skin. Some of these bottoms show a lot of skin, making them perfect for elongating shorter torsos. Plus, by exposing more, you can kiss those winter tan lines goodbye!

Now that you have some of the styles that are likely to make you feel stylish, it's time to start trying them out! Shop until you find that perfect swimsuit. Then head to the beach and have a great summer!


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