7 Best Travel Bags for Men and Women

7 Best Travel Bags for Men and Women

Travel backpacks and suitcases often boil down to personal preferences. Those who travel light will covet the perfect carry on, while those who like to travel in style will prefer a durable suitcase that doesn’t mind going for a spin on the luggage carriage. Either way, there’s a perfect backpack or suitcase for any vacation.

The Perfect Personal Item

The secret to traveling like a pro is having everything you need right at your feet. Your carry-on bag should have enough room to store all the essentials (such as a book or tablet, headphones, water, snacks, and an extra clothing layer) without taking up all of your legroom. Look for a small tote bag with a slim profile or a boxier bag that still leaves a bit of space.

A Purse that Converts

Purses that quickly convert into backpacks are all the rage right now. Typically, the purse comes with an extra strap so it can be worn as a shoulder bag, handbag, or backpack. The backpack conversion is an awesome idea for the traveler who likes to go from an adventurous day to a night on the town without having to go back to their room.

Stuff a couple of beach towels and a swimsuit with a few key essentials into the purse and pop it into backpack mode. After you’ve had your fill of fun in the sun, simply change into a cute outfit and convert your purse back into a handbag for a cute, versatile look that’s ripe for travel.

A Do-it-All Carry-On

If you prefer to travel light and fast, look for a backpack that does triple duty. Today’s travel-ready backpacks can convert into an easy-to-carry shoulder bag. Every savvy traveler should invest in a solid carry-on backpack that offers up to 40 liters of space while still sticking to even the strictest carry-on regulations. With that much space, you’ll be able to carry all the essentials, such as your favorite pair of skinny jeans and a few packable flannel shirts. You’ll even have room for some tech for entertainment and other key accessories to keep you comfy during your trip.

The Ultimate Suitcase

Every traveler needs a tried-and-true roller suitcase for big trips. Look for suitcases with reinforced zippers, sidewall storage, and expansion capabilities. Having extra storage helps you keep organized, while an expandable option keeps everything neat and tidy with room for the fruits of that vacation shopping spree.

Four wheels on a bag are often better than two, as they allow for more ergonomic toting, allowing you to push the bag along instead of wearing your arms out by dragging it behind you. Bags get beat up when they travel, so select a material that is highly durable for convenience that lasts. Pick a bold, fun color or print so you can easily identify your things at baggage claim. If you prefer more subdued colors, get a big, flashy luggage tag so it’s easy to find on the carousel.

The Ultimate Traveler’s Backpack

If you’re into overseas adventure travel, sometimes it’s tough to justify a rolling suitcase. When your travel plans call for walking long distances or traveling to areas where the infrastructure may not be as easy to navigate, having a solid travel backpack is a way to go. Look for a pack that has a padded waist belt so you can carry the weight on your hips instead of shoulders. Also, remember to look for a ventilated back so you don’t build up too much sweat as you wander.

Roll Boards for Carry-On

For weekend getaways and business travel, a roller board carry-on is a must-have travel bag. It’s small and compact, yet easily holds all of your travel essentials so you don’t have to check bags. Look for a roller board carry-on that has a few extra pockets in which to stash easy-to-reach items such as a women’s raincoat.

That Specialty Bag

Love to travel and play golf? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to go on a big ski trip. Whatever your preference, don’t leave home without a specialty bag for all of your gear. It’s often cheaper to invest in the bag than go through the hassle of renting your gear each day. You can even rent a bag for a particular trip if it isn’t in your budget. Most specialty travel bags do double-duty and have room for extras such as long down coats, winter gloves, and more.

When it comes to travel, having the right bag is essential for a carefree vacation. These incredible travel bags suit any type of jet setter and bring the ultimate in organization and comfort.


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