8 Best Bags for a Casual Lunch with Friends

8 Best Bags for a Casual Lunch with Friends

The right bag can complement your outfit and make your day easier. When you have your essential items neat and portable, things just run more smoothly. Keep reading to discover our favorite bags for casual lunch dates:

The Lightweight Crossbody Tote

This canvas tote bag is light enough to carry to lunch yet holds 350 pounds of your favorite items. It has a zippered top to keep your items securely inside, and it’s equipped with wide, felled seams that hold it upright. Four pockets on the inside of this bag hold small essentials, while the outside pocket is a good location for items you want to keep close at hand, like your identification and bank card. There’s also a keyring, so you’ll never have to search inside the bag for your key, and the shoulder strap is adjustable for a comfortable fit.

The Canvas Crossbody Bucket Bag

If you want a durable bag that goes with everything from skinny jeans to skirts, consider a crossbody bucket bag made from lightweight canvas. What separates this bag style from the traditional tote is its shape, which is wider on the bottom. The bucket bag is right on-trend, but that’s not the only reason to carry one. This bag's spacious interior includes a slip pocket for plenty of storage, and its zippered top prevents items from falling out.

The Quilted Crossbody Bag

For an upscale style that complements casual and dressy outfits, consider a quilted crossbody bag. Look for a lightweight yet sturdy material like cotton twill for a bag that lasts all season and beyond. A zippered top, adjustable strap, and interior pockets are also good to have when choosing a bag in this style. You can wear a quilted bag with jeans and a tee or a midi dress—the outfit possibilities are limitless thanks to the versatility of this bag style.

The Zip-Top Print Canvas Tote

Add a pop of color to a monochromatic outfit — like women's black jeans and a black top — with a print tote bag. A zip-top canvas tote is durable enough to go from work to lunch and even the gym afterward. Canvas totes come in open-top styles, but if you’re concerned about the contents falling out, opt for the zippered style. Adding a printed bag to a basic outfit can be the only accessory you need, although you could add a matching scarf or favorite piece of jewelry if you wanted a little something extra to dress up your look.

The Small Everyday Duffle

The duffle bag is another option for carrying a casual lunch. This bag style comes in multiple sizes; for lunch, the small size should be enough to hold your must-have items without weighing you down. A duffle crafted from 600-denier polyester is tough enough for a hiking excursion but versatile and stylish enough for a lunch date at your favorite restaurant. If you want to coordinate your outfit to your bag, go for something simple and structured, like a pair of khaki chinos and a women's dress shirt.

The Packable Beach Tote

If you’re planning a lunch at the beach, take your items with you in a packable beach tote. Water-resistant canvas is an excellent material for beach totes because moisture won’t leak through and damage the interior contents. A zippered top helps keep sand out of the bag, and adjustable straps provide for a custom fit and comfortable carrying.

Any color or print beach tote is an excellent accompaniment to your swimsuit or cover-up dress. If you’re meeting friends at a beachfront restaurant, wear your bathing suit under a summer dress or carry it in your tote bag. There are summer dresses in mid-length and ankle-length styles, which come in solid colors and prints ranging from understated to bold. When it comes to footwear, wedge sandals or slides are two beach-worthy options.

The Classic Picnic Basket

Go retro with a classic picnic basket. Outdoor lunches are an excellent opportunity to carry a traditional wicker basket and dine at an outdoor table or even a blanket on the grass. There are baskets crafted from sturdy willow with polyester linings, and some have special compartments for toting plates and utensils. If you’re wondering what outfit goes with a picnic basket, consider a pair of women's capri pants with a knit top. Capris are stylish and comfortable, and they keep you cool while providing plenty of coverage.

The Laptop Briefcase

For a working lunch, a laptop briefcase is a good choice. Waxed canvas is one material to consider when choosing one of these tech-friendly bags. They come in neutral tones to complement your business-casual apparel and have padding to keep your laptop safe. There are also plenty of smaller pockets in these bags for keys, cards, and cash, and the straps are adjustable so that you stay comfortable during your commute.

There are plenty of bags to consider when planning a lunch with friends. Experiment with outfit/bag pairings to discover your favorite combinations.

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