Best Backpacks for Boys

Best Backpacks for Boys

Get your child ready for back-to-school with the right backpack. There’s a backpack that’s right for every child, whether they’re just starting school or preparing to finish. They come in lots of colors, including basic black and bright primary shades. There are also fun prints from which to choose, along with color-block designs.

When shopping for a boys’ backpack, the first thing to consider is your child’s age, along with their grade and storage needs. Some kids may need more interior backpack space than others based on their class load or other factors. Here are some backpack options for boys based on grade level:


Young students can use the ClassMate small backpack. It’s a great size for kids between the ages of 4 to 7, and it holds several small books and notebooks. In addition to the main zippered compartment, the small-size ClassMate backpack has an interior folder pocket for keeping homework assignments from getting wrinkled. There’s also a front zippered pocket for carrying small items.

Padded adjustable straps make this backpack comfortable to carry. It also has an adjustable chest strap to keep the backpack’s weight properly balanced. Kids can carry their water bottle in the mesh side pocket and clip a lunch box on the backpack’s front exterior. There are lunch boxes in colors and designs to match the boys’ backpacks, so your child can sport a perfectly coordinated look.

Elementary and Middle School

The small ClassMate backpack is also a good option for elementary school kids. If your child needs more room than the small size provides, choose the medium size. This 17-inch bag is a good fit for kids 4 feet and taller; it has all the same features as the small with more interior space. All ClassMate kids backpacks have YKK-brand zippers, which are incredibly strong and durable. They glide smoothly and won’t get hung up when zipping and unzipping.

There are plenty of medium-size boys backpacks from which to choose, including forest animal and outer space prints. Every ClassMate backpack can be personalized with a monogram for a custom touch. A monogram makes your child’s backpack unique to them, and it helps them identify their bag if it’s ever lost. If two students happen to have the same backpack, a monogram can help prevent mix-ups.

High School and College

Older kids need a large or extra-large backpack to hold all their books, notebooks, and folders. These sizes have multiple main zippered compartments, so kids can also carry their gym clothes without the need for a separate bag. You’ll find TechPack laptop backpacks equipped with a padded laptop compartments for students who take their computer and/or tablet to school. These bags have cord cutouts to keep things neat, along with plenty of small pockets for plenty of storage.

Students who have lots of books may want the rolling backpack from ClassMate. This size is suitable for kids 4’3” and taller, so younger students can use it, too. The wheels glide easily over hard surfaces and keep the bottom of the backpack from touching the ground, and the reinforced handle is comfortable to grip. Like all the ClassMate bags, this one is made from 600-denier polyester with a 1280-denier base for durability.

These bags are resistant to moisture, so rainy days aren’t an issue. Even if the exterior of the backpack gets wet, the interior contents stay dry. The material won’t snag or rip, and it withstands heavy books and rough handling. Another thing kids and parents can appreciate about these bags is that they’re easy to clean, and they dry quickly.

Lunch Boxes and Water Bottles

Regardless of which size boys’ backpack you choose, you can coordinate it with a lunch box and water bottle. The lunch boxes come in different sizes for different ages, and as previously mentioned they come in colors and prints to match the backpacks. Use these lunch boxes with BPA-free plastic food containers, many of which have multiple compartments for keeping food separated.

The water bottles also come in matching styles, and they can be personalized with your child’s name. They tuck into the mesh side pocket of any ClassMate backpack for easy access and to conserve the backpack’s interior space. You’ll also find hot and cold containers that keep liquids at the desired temperature until lunchtime.

Other Bag Styles

When shopping for a backpack, you might also want to choose a gym bag for your child. There are sturdy nylon duffel bags for athletic activities, along with a multipurpose canvas tote bag styles. Drawstring bags are another option for gym class or other extracurricular activities. You’ll also find a great selection of boys’ suitcases for school trips and vacations.

Any well-made, durable backpack or duffel bag is a good choice for your child, as long as it’s the right size. There’s a bag size to accommodate their storage needs, in a style they’ll love to carry.


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