4 Best Back-to-the-Office Outfits for Spring

4 Best Back to the Office Outfits for Spring

If you're ready to return to the office, then you may be feeling a lot of emotions. Perhaps you're a little sad about saying goodbye to some of your loungewear. Yet, you are also excited to get back in the mix and wear some stylish office clothing.

Whether your workplace is formal or practices a business casual dress code, the type of outfits you need will differ. What kinds of work dresses and other professional clothing do you need to reclaim your in-office look? How do you make sure you look good and feel comfortable in the office when temperatures fluctuate during transitional seasons?

Here are some of the best back to office outfits for spring if you need some ideas.

1 Outfits with Capri Pants

Styling your office outfits in the spring is a lot of fun because you generally need fewer layers and you can use a wide range of materials. There is little risk of overheating like in the summer, nor do you need a lot of heavy layering. If you choose white capri pants as a bottom, you get a neutral basic that matches with a variety of springtime office tops. The result is stress-free pairings with all your favorite office tops.

When the weather is cool, you won’t need more than just a light womens’ sweater to look seasonally stylish. As spring warms up, you can introduce versatile light layers, such as a women’s dress shirt with a cotton cardigan for occasionally chilly moments.

Basically, so many beautiful office tops match well with a pair of white capris that this staple should be in your closet. If you prefer other types of neutral colors, try outfits with black or tan capris.

2 Stylish Work Dresses

One of the best things about warmer weather is how much easier it is to wear women's dresses without too many layers. This fresh styling option is a nice break from the typical layered pants and tops of winter. Spring dresses also come in cheerful colors and patterns like floral-print, ditsy, spots, stripes, and attractive solid color options.

Whether you choose a 3/4 sleeve dress or maxi dresses for women, putting on a spring dress is a great way to change up your routine — and get ready for work quickly. After all, it's easier to put on one piece than to match two separates early in the morning.

If your office adheres to a formal or business casual dress code, make sure that you pair your dress with office-appropriate shoes like high heels, short boots, or Mary Janes. You may also prefer to put a blazer or a cardigan over your add extra color and style.

3 Outfits with Flattering High Rise Jeans

In the history of modern fashion trends, different rises of pants have been in style, regardless of what looks the best on each body type. This is why at Lands’ End, we offer jeans and dress pants that have a timeless appeal. For instance, high-rise jeans are having a moment in today’s trends but they typically look good with most body types. Since they accentuate the natural waist and smooth out figures, it’s a strategic waistline for people of all sizes. Therefore, if you want a stylish look that is tailored to your body’s needs, not some trend in a magazine, get your hands on some high-rise pants today.

When you wear jeans to the office, however, make sure that you get them in dark washes so they look more formal and can easily match with dressy blouses and button-down shirts. You can achieve a more formal look with jeans when you tuck in your tops as well. This cleans up your appearance and also smooths over any potential bunching and sloppiness that can happen with longer tops. To finish your look, choose shoes that are made for the office like pumps, boots, or stylish flats.

4. Slacks and Professional Suits

If your office promotes formal attire, then there's no better way to refresh your closet than to stock up on professional slacks and suits. Whether you want to wear pants with a button-up shirt, tie, and blazer, or prefer wearing a pencil skirt, blouse, and blazer, there are plenty of options to help you feel ready for in-person interactions. Don't forget to accessorize your outfit with attractive cufflinks, jewelry, and shoes to elevate your outfit even more.

Going back to the office is an exciting time, especially when it's spring and you have a variety of options. Check out this season's latest styles in spring dresses, suits, and tops to get inspired today.


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