Best Back-To-School Backpacks for College Students

Best Back-to-School Backpacks for College Students

Whether your college student is going back to school for their senior year or it’s their first year in higher education, they must have the gear to keep them productive and organized. Having access to technology, writing utensils, and note-taking accessories will help them retain the most information and be the best students they can be. Backpacks are among the most vital accessories for college students because they keep a student’s gear in place in a logical way. Since the needs of college students are more demanding than those of high school or middle school students, college backpacks are of a higher caliber. You must take your time to find the right bag to meet the new academic challenges ahead. Here are the best back-to-school backpacks for college students.

1. Tech Backpacks

Modern classrooms have changed a lot compared to what students experienced in the ’90s and even early 2000s. The internet was either spotty or nonexistent, and looking at a device was perceived as being “off-task.” Students were expected to take all their notes with a pencil and paper. But today, things have changed a lot. Though students still widely use notebooks and pens to take notes, it’s now perfectly normal to use tablets and laptops to take notes. Many college students like the increased speed legibility of notes taken on the computer. With so many advantages, it’s no wonder why college students have overwhelmingly adopted devices as their preferred note-taking tool. However, it can be tricky to keep expensive gear protected. In short, a traditional backpack won't suffice.

This is why your student needs a laptop backpack that can protect and store electronic devices in an upright and padded compartment. This feature guards the device against moisture and extreme temperatures which can be detrimental to delicate technology. By safeguarding this most precious resource, your student can be prepared for long days on campus. There also should be compartments for chargers and other accessories like screen cleaners that will keep the technology in good shape as your student spends hours a day away from their dorm.

2. Rolling Backpacks

College students often have to walk long distances. Depending on the campus, the distance can be almost the size of a small town — much longer than the hallways of a high school. This can make heavy loads a big strain on backs and shoulders. Make life easier for your college student by giving them a backpack with an optional rolling function. Rolling backpacks for college are excellent for long-term commuting on campus, especially when your student has a day with a lot of classes back-to-back.

Your student still has the option to retract the handle and wear the backpack on their back when they need to go upstairs. They also have the option to switch back to rolling mode to tote heavy library books and supplies instead of carrying them on their back for a long time. Getting your student this choice will help them have the most comfortable year and encourage them not to shy away from the large research books that they need to take back to their room.

3. Backpacks with Lunch Boxes

Being active on campus can make a student hungrier than they ever have been before. This is why having a backpack with matching lunch boxes can make all the difference in the day. Encourage them to pack healthy snacks that they can easily attach to their backpack. This helps them have access to good food as they go from class to class. Though dining halls are full of delicious meals, when a student is busy, they can often forget to grab the nutritious food they need to stay nourished and focused. Having a cooling lunch box they can fill with fruits and quick sandwiches will free up their time and not revolve their schedule around dining hall hours.

4. Backpacks with Personality

Last but not least, don't forget to get a backpack for college that your student takes pride in. Pick one that has the colors and patterns your student will be proud to carry around for the whole year. You can also customize their backpack with a special monogram or logo to give them something extra to feel good about. A monogram backpack also makes it easier for your student to differentiate their belongings from another's if there are bags of the same color in the classroom.

By getting the college backpack with the best design and function, your college student can start the year on the right foot.


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