Best Baby Gifts When You Aren’t Sure What to Get

Best Baby Gifts When You Aren’t Sure What to Get

When it comes to baby gifts, it can be hard to know what to get for your friends and their new bundle of joy. With so many gadgets and other options out there, keeping up with the newest tricks and tips for baby-raising can be daunting. If you don’t have children of your own, it’s even harder to figure out what a good present for a newborn baby would be. If you’re unsure what to get as the perfect gift for a newly expanded family, look no further! Here are the best baby gifts when you aren’t sure what to get.

Nursery Decor

New parents can never have enough nursery decor for their special little ones. baby blankets, mobiles, art prints—whatever you think they might find a place for in their nursery. There are many good decorations available in baby stores, department stores, or wherever you shop for home goods. Want to get personal? You can have items personalized with the baby’s name, the theme of the nursery, or whatever you want! Personalized baby quilts and canvas tote bags are a great way to make your present personal and practical! Whatever you choose, a nursery item is a good gift for your friends’ new addition!

Practical Gifts

While parents are gifted a lot of fun presents, they’ll also need functional presents. For gifts that will be useful to the new parents and baby, go for something practical! Bottles, diapers, formula, and baby wipes are all essentials that any new parent will need. Cameras are also a great practical gift for new parents! An instant camera or set of disposable film cameras will help preserve memories from the whirlwind of early parenthood’s long days and sleepless nights. The first year in a baby’s life flies by, so a camera is a perfect present to give the gift of memories! All these staples will help the parents be ready for everything their new baby throws at them and preserve the memories from these early days.


Toys are another great gift! As babies grow up, they require many different types of stimulation and learning toys. There are so many options out there for every kind of toy you can imagine! For the early stages, rattles, soft toys like plush stuffed animals, and interactive baby toys are great for development. You can even buy more advanced children’s toys for the infant to play with when they grow up! They’ll be a toddler before you know it and getting all new use out of old toys. Give the gift of having fun—it’ll keep on giving.

Baby Clothes

Babies grow fast. In fact, in the first year of a person’s life, they’ll size up their clothes five times, from newborn to three months and so on, in three-month increments. That’s a lot of clothing to buy! Help out your new parents by giving clothes for their new baby. Babies are messy. It’s just part of the learning process. But most infants will need multiple outfit changes a day from the wear and tear. Help make laundry duty a little easier by giving baby clothes. Plus, the styles are endless, and it’s a fun shopping experience! Baby clothes are adorable, from tiny shoes to little hats, so have fun and pick outfits that match your personal taste. Your friends will appreciate the cute clothing for their baby, and you’ll get to see the baby in the outfits! It’s a win-win.

Gift Cards

When you really have no idea what to get for a new baby, a gift card or registry contribution is a great gift. There are always things we don’t think of that we end up needing, and having a baby is no exception to this. Gift cards to department stores, baby stores, grocery stores, or wherever else you think the parents might shop are helpful and sweet. With a gift card, the recipient will always end up with exactly what they want since they get to choose it themselves! Help your friends by giving them an answer to the uncertainty. No matter what comes up as a surprise, they’ll be able to get everything they need with your gift card.

When a new baby is born, it’s an exciting time for the parents, friends, and family to celebrate the beautiful gift of life. No wonder it’s an occasion for gifts! No matter who your new parents are or what their baby’s gender is, these gift ideas are sure to be a hit. They’re helpful, practical, cute, and fun, so new parents and babies alike will enjoy them. Give the best gifts you can give to show the new parents in your life that you love and support them. Everyone will benefit and feel the love.


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