Best Apparel Gifts for Teen Girls

Best Apparel Gifts for Teen Girls

If you have a teenager on your gift list, you might be scratching your head wondering what to buy for them, especially if she's a teenage girl. After all, trends come and go at lightning speed, making it hard even for them to keep up. And with social media influencing their fashion trends, it makes it more difficult than ever to buy clothing that suits their style. But it doesn’t have to be difficult if you just stick with the basics. There are certain things that never go out of style, when it comes to gifts for teen girls, and there are also a few things that are back in style. We’ll go over all the basics here so you can gift the teenage girl in your life some apparel she’ll love this season.

Oversized Hoodie

It might sound simple, but a great gift for a teenage girl is an oversized girls' hoodie or sweatshirt. In fact, the bigger the hoodie, the better. Don’t worry too much about getting the right size; clothing brands actually make oversized hoodies, so you can buy her regular size and have it fit just the way she likes it. As for color, anything goes. Find one in your teen’s favorite color, and she’ll be happy. Just make sure it is soft, easy to care for, and doesn’t shrink.

Cardigan Sweater

Just like oversized hoodies and sweatshirts are in style, so are oversized girls’ cardigans. Cardigans are great for lounging around, but she can also wear them to school or anywhere that requires something more than loungewear as a dress code, which makes them the perfect gift for a teenage girl! Think big chunky knits or soft cashmere at a length that reaches past her waist or even to her knees. An added bonus is if it has pockets where she can store her cellphone and other personal items. She can wear them with jeans or leggings, making them highly versatile and fashionable as well.

Comfy Loungewear

Speaking of lounging around, she’ll also appreciate some loungewear, especially if she’s taking virtual classes or spending more time at home than normal. This can include sweatpants, leggings, tank tops, flannels, or whatever else she feels good hanging out in. Don’t mistake loungewear for pajamas, though. Pajamas are meant for bed and maybe morning breakfast. Wearing only PJs to bed will help her switch her mind to sleep mode instead of lingering onto thoughts of schoolwork, teenage drama, and whatever else might be going on in her head. If she has loungewear she can slip into for daytime, she’ll be more focused and comfortable for schoolwork, chores, and whatever the day throws at her.

Cuddly Pajamas

Her taste in pajamas has surely changed from that of her tween days, and she’s probably physically grown out of them as well. So, pajamas would be the perfect gift for the teenage girl in your life! Pajamas are a type of apparel that isn’t regularly replaced, meaning she’s probably tossing and turning in PJs that are uncomfortable and maybe even interfering with a good night’s sleep. Some new pajamas are a thoughtful gift, providing you get the right kind. Keep her overall style and interests in mind. Maybe it’s basic black or flannel she prefers instead of something pink or pastel. She may even think it’s fun to wear matching family pajamas, even if she refuses to admit it.

Cute Socks

You might have scrunched up your nose when your grandparents gave you socks as a gift, but today’s socks are so much cooler and fun. They’re actually fun statement pieces for girls, as they come in so many different designs and themes — everything from animals, like sloths and llamas, to food, like chocolate and ramen noodles. Even if she just wears them to keep her feet warm around the house, there’s sure to be a colorful or fuzzy pair she’ll enjoy.

A Warm Jacket or Coat

Why not get your teen out of the house to enjoy nature by getting her a new coat or jacket? When it comes to teen girls’ outerwear, it doesn’t have to be formal or fancy — in fact, casual is the way to go. Think of a warm, waterproof jacket she can wear to school or for tubing down the local sledding hill like she did when she was little. Gift her a jacket she’d be proud to wear no matter what she’s doing.

When it comes to buying clothing for teenage girls, try not to overthink it. By sticking with these basics, you can ensure your teenager will love her gift.


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