Best Airy Dresses to Keep Cool This Summer

Best Airy Dresses to Keep Cool This Summer

Dresses are a lovely summer staple. They are so cute and easy to wear. And you only have to match them with your shoes, which simplifies your outfit planning a lot. Whether they have a floral print or are a solid color, long or short, dresses make beautiful outfits.

Dresses do come in a variety of styles, and not all are equal when it comes to staying cool in the summer sun. Most know that lighter materials are better — not many wear a sweater dress to the beach! But what about the other differences that set types of dresses apart from each other? Here are some specific types of dresses you should know while searching for that perfect summer dress that will keep you cool this summer.

The Wrap Dress

This is one of the best styles out there for dresses. This cut is intentionally made to create a feminine silhouette, so it looks good on pretty much every body type. This dress looks like a light wrap with one side tucked under the other, usually with a tie or belt of some sort around the waist. This makes for a beautiful V-neck neckline for length and a dramatic dip in your waist curve. However, what sets this dress up for perfect summer wear is not only the light fabric but the extra material in the skirt to get that A-line shape on the bottom. This skirt allows for airflow and helps keep you cool when the sun is shining.

Other A-line dresses, also known as fit-and-flare dresses, can similarly help you with airflow, but the wrap dress style is unique in its design, and because of that, the dress can work for both formal and casual wear. That makes it a favorite for date nights and those ambiguous summer occasions where you don't quite know the dress code.

The Maxi Dress

This is another top summer choice. The maxi dress is known for floor-length skirts and is the casual cousin of the evening gown. While the neckline and sleeves can be anything from a sleeveless high neck cut to off-the-shoulder ruffles to a V-neck with fluttering short sleeves, the skirt is almost always one of two kinds. Either the skirt drops straight to the ground from the waist, or it has extra material for that bohemian gypsy look. The straight-skirted maxi dress is likely to be made of cotton and will probably do a decent job of offsetting the summer heat — especially if it has some helpful leg slits on the sides — but the gypsy skirted maxi dress has enough space to allow the breeze to give you a little help when you need it. Plus, you can cool off, even more, when you spin your lovely skirt as you dance on the beach!

The Cotton Summer Dress

The cotton summer dress has the season in its name, so you know this is an ideal piece to have in your closet when June rolls around. These dresses tend to fall around the knee, but beyond that are as varied as can be. Some have spaghetti straps and ruffles lining the bottom of the skirt, while others have the kind of floral prints and puffed mini sleeves that might belong in a cottage in the woods or at a picnic on a meadow. Few of these dresses will overheat the wearer, but if you are looking for something particularly cooling, a sleeveless dress or one with thin straps paired with a shorter skirt in a light white, pink, or yellow is likely to do the best job.

The Beach Dress

Wait, aren't these made specifically for the beach? Yes! That is why they work so well. Beach dresses or beach cover-ups are made lightweight since they frequently get wet and need to dry quickly. This makes them perfect for a cool summer outfit. Not all beach dresses are wearable beyond the seaside, but many are being made to do double duty, functioning as both cover-ups and summer dresses. If keeping cool is your priority in the summer, the beach dress is worth checking into. Beach dresses tend to be on the shorter side and loose enough to let the wind in but not loose enough to lose your dignity to a frisky breeze. They range from tube tops to batwing sleeves and everything in between, so rest assured, there is something for everybody.

When the term "summer dress" isn't enough to narrow your search to what you are looking for, these dress styles will help you find what you want this season. Remember, more skirt means more airflow, and lighter colors will keep you cooler than darker colors. Beyond that, it depends on you!


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