A Beginner's Guide to Styling a Denim Jacket

A Beginner’s Guide to Styling a Denim Jacket

Denim makes for the quintessential American jacket. Whether you call it a denim jacket or a jean jacket, it’s a classic wardrobe staple for people of all ages, and for good reason. Denim jackets are great for three out of four seasons of the year. They can be worn by people of all ages. They’re comfortable and they’re durable. Plus, denim jackets have certainly earned their reputation, having been around since 1880 when they were created for railroad workers during the Gold Rush. Their durability and overall casual look stuck with Americans and continues to do so today. If you haven’t hopped on the jean jacket bandwagon, now’s the time to see how they look on you and experiment with the wide variety of ways to style them.

Choose Your Denim

There are lots of different types of denim jackets, just as there are different types of jeans. For example, there are different colors, ranging from white to black. There are also different washes: light, medium, and dark. Light wash is typically the lightest in color and the most casual looking. Dark wash is stiffer and a bit more formal-looking. Medium is the most popular because it goes with such a wide variety of looks. You’ll also want to consider whether you want a cropped denim jacket or a regular one that hits at the waist. Cropped jackets are great for when you simply want something to cover your shoulders and upper torso, like with maxi dresses for women.

Try Denim on Denim

Now that you’ve chosen your denim, don’t be afraid to wear denim on denim. It’s actually become quite popular and can really work if you wear it right. So if you have a pair of women’s jeans that you absolutely love, find a jean jacket that you adore just as much and introduce them to each other. Try to make sure they’re the same type of wash. The color can be the same, but playing with different colors also looks good, like a traditional medium-wash jean jacket with maroon jeans.

Pair It With a Chunky Scarf

A great look for fall is a warm, chunky scarf loosely knotted around the neck and worn with a jean jacket. The jacket could be worn either completely unbuttoned with the scarf hanging down just slightly in the front to reach the naval. Alternatively, the jacket can be buttoned up with the scarf wrapped more tightly for optimal warmth. Regarding color, anything goes. Have fun with it and stay warm!

Wear It Over a Hoodie

Another more casual look is to wear a denim jacket over a sweatshirt or hoodie. There are a lot of sweatshirts and hoodies for women that look great with a denim jacket over it. Adding the denim has a way of “dressing up” the hoodie, completing an outfit that doesn’t look as casual as a hoodie does on its own. Just make sure your denim jacket is large enough to comfortably fit over your hoodie. You don’t want your hoodie to bunch up uncomfortably under the jacket, or it will look like they don’t belong together.

Wear It With a Dress or Skirt

Opposites attract, after all, and denim loves being paired with dresses and skirts. Wearing them together is like saying, “I’m classy, but I’m also fun and adventurous.” Jean jackets go great with most types of dresses and skirts, but in particular, there’s something special about floral sundresses. The combination of flowers and denim provides a great contrast. And when both are worn with a pair of cowboy boots, it’s even more fun. That look will take you all the way from spring to fall in style.

Throw It on With Leggings

Sometimes simple can be stylish. When you’re lounging around the house or working from home in your go-to black leggings and white T-shirt, you may find yourself having to run out for a quick errand. And although you may not feel dressed for the part, throwing on a jean jacket totally transforms the outfit from casual to cool. A cropped or even a longer denim jacket looks great with some simple black leggings. Consider sneakers or chunky ankle boots for shoes. With the ankle boots, some colorful socks peeking out of the top add a pop of color and make the outfit look really fun.

There’s just something about denim — not just the way it looks and feels, but the way it has been able to stand the test of time. Make it a reliable part of your wardrobe whenever you want to look casual and cool.


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