5 Bedroom Refresh Ideas for Spring

5 Bedroom Refresh Ideas for Spring

Ah… spring! That wonderful season is when we get to shake off the cold of winter and embrace warm breezes, new growth, and colorful fashion. Why not give your bedroom a spring refresh, too? Here are some tips to bring springtime into your bedroom.

Fresh Air and Natural Light

Every bedroom deserves to be light and airy in the springtime. If the weather is warm enough, open a window. If not, coax as much natural light indoors as you can. Light-colored window treatments and opening the blinds in your bedroom during the daytime (something that many of us forget to do) can do wonders to brighten up your room. If you usually leave sheer curtains closed, consider opening them up during the day. That extra bit of natural light can make a big difference (especially if you live where you get plenty of spring rain clouds).

A mirror that reflects light can also help to bring in natural light. If all your mirrors are in your bathroom, consider adding one in your bedroom. Maybe a new full-length mirror near your dressing area would be helpful and make your room look brighter. White or light-colored walls make a room feel brighter and larger, too. If it has been a few years since you have painted or redecorated, maybe it’s time to change a few things up. Before you buy, play around with décor ideas on the internet or bring home some decorating magazines and paint chips. Even if you decide to leave your room the same, this can be a fun pastime, and you will be more intentionally choosing the look and style of your bedroom.

Fresh Sheets and Towels

Is there anything better than fresh, crisp bed sheets? Especially if you have darker colored sheets or holiday patterns still on your bed, it is time for a reset. One option is to go spa-like with both your sheets and towels by going for all white. There is something incredibly relaxing and luxurious about big, fluffy white towels. Consider getting a new fluffy white bathrobe while you are at it, too. We all deserve a little pampering!

For an extra touch of luxury, consider a new linen sheet set. Linen is a wonderfully comfortable natural fabric for sheets. It breathes and feels great next to your skin. If you prefer your sheets to look perfect, however, bear in mind that linen wrinkles. They will look a little messy in the morning, but they are worth it.

Fresh Duvets and Comforters

A fresh comforter or duvet cover is like an instant bedroom makeover. Your bed is the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom, and it is typically the focal point of the room. By changing up this one item, you will instantly refresh the whole room. If you like either a minimalist vibe or a spa-like feel, consider going with all-white or a light color. For full-on spring, consider pastels or a floral design to take you out of winter and into spring (regardless of the weather outside).

Fresh Pillows

When was the last time that you bought new bed pillows? If yours are a little flat, wash them and plump them up for spring and get some new pillowcases. If this doesn’t do the trick, consider buying new ones. Are you a one pillow or two pillow person? What about your partner? Do you like that extra pretty look of one set of bed pillows under the duvet and then another set with pillow shams on top? Do you like to read or sip coffee in bed and need more pillows for that? If so, consider having four bed pillows on your bed instead of two. Good pillows will help you to get the restful sleep that you deserve, and there is nothing like plump pillows to make a bedroom inviting.

Fresh Florals and Greenery

Bring some florals into your bedroom for spring. Why not put out a vase and periodically bring freshly cut flowers into your bedroom for both a visual and scent pick me up? If you grow flowers, it can be a great way to enjoy them. If not, all it takes is a quick trip to the grocery store, and you can bring beautiful flowers into your bedroom (even if the weather outside is still frightful). Consider floral throw pillows to add a bit of color and the feel of flowers to your room.

Just like with fresh flowers, there is nothing like fresh greenery to brighten up a room. If you have allergies or pets who won’t work well with live plants, consider high-quality silk. Maybe some greenery in a plant stand in your bedroom or near the bathtub in your bathroom would be a lovely upgrade.

Refresh your bedroom for spring with a few new touches. You'll love the results!


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