How to Buy Bedding Your Kids Would Love

How to Buy Bedding Your Kids Will Love

When it comes to finding the right kids’ bedding, you’ve got lots of options from which to choose. Decorating a kid’s bedroom is a fun way to connect with your child and create something memorable together. These tips are designed to help you select an amazing sheet set in which your kiddos will love to snuggle.?

Decorate with Their Favorite Things

One of the best ways to choose kids’ bedding is to include their favorite things. For example, use pillowcases that showcase their favorite sports team, color, animal, or activity. You can also get an entire sheet set that shows off their much-coveted activities, or go all-out with a comforter to match. Consider getting different sets to show off the unique interests of your kid.

Mix and Match with Other Household Items

If your child has their own bathroom (or shares with their siblings), consider matching your kiddo’s bedsheets with items such as kids bath towels and shower curtains. Choose a color or design that’s meaningful to your child. For instance, if your kid loves blue, get blue bath towels, hand towels, and bedsheets to match. Use fun designs like checkers, mandalas, or other unique patterns.

This lets your kid feel like they have their own identity throughout the house. Consider letting them choose which color or theme they would like to have for their household belongings.

Cozy Up with Comfortable Fabrics

Your child may be growing fast, but they’re still using the same bed year after year. Consider investing in comfortable fabrics for their next sheet set. These cozy, snuggly fabrics not only give your kid a comfortable night’s sleep, but they also offer up superior durability. Choose fabrics that are meant to last. Jersey knits, flannel sheets, and higher thread count sheets are all ideal choices when it comes to durable bedding. Kids like to use and abuse their stuff, so avoid having to purchase new sheets every year by investing in a set that will last.

Don’t forget to also purchase sheet sets for both winter and summer. With two sets for each season, you’ll not only be able to swap out bedding that’s appropriate for the weather, but also give your kid’s bedding a longer life. Durable sheet fabrics are inherently more cozy than their dime-a-dozen counterparts, so make your bedding investment count.?

Let Your Kids Choose

Want bedding your kids will love? Simply let them choose. Make it a project where you can bond together. For younger kids, choose a set of several options and have them pick their favorites. Give older kids the freedom to choose for themselves. Start by giving them a budget and allowing them to choose their bedding as they please. Older kids, such as tweens and teens, love to have their independence. By allowing them to select their bedding, you’re also teaching them valuable life skills by explaining the different ways to shop.

Have Several Options

Lastly, kids get bored easily. Keep their room looking fresh with a variety of kids’ bedding for any occasion. Choose a couple of duvet covers and select a few key choices for kids’ bedding. You can opt to have each of their favorite colors in a few fun prints and patterns. Mix and match bedding to make it look fresh. Your kids will love the new and fun designs. Mixing bedding gives any room a fresh new look without spending a dime. It’s a cost-effective way to brighten up any space.

Patterns and Prints

Don’t shy away from fun patterns and prints. One of the best things about choosing bedding for kids is that you can get creative. Opt for loud colors or truly funky patterns like tie-dye, animals, and more. Don’t shy away from fun ideas such as zoo-themed bedding, race cars, sports teams, and more. You can even opt for monogrammed bedding for a personal touch.?

Bring your monogrammed bedding to life by using a coveted nickname or silly saying. Ditch the age-old use of initials and instead go for something silly that your kids will love. It could be their favorite jersey number from sports or a beloved pet’s name. Either way, get imaginative with bedding that’s truly unique.

Overall, choosing kids’ bedding isn’t always about matching the rest of the house. It’s about allowing your kids the opportunity for self-expression. Choose durable, cozy fabrics in your kiddo’s favorite color or a fun pattern for a unique bedroom look they will love. Mix and match to get even more variety, and keep several sets to swap out for the season.?


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