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Beat the Winter Blues with These Plus-Size Beach Cover-Ups

This summer, between plus-size tankinis and one-pieces, you can add a whole new variety of swimwear and poolside glamour to your getups with plus-size cover ups that put a fashionable spin on your traditional swim attire. Whether you are attending a pool party or visiting a resort, swim cover-ups allow you to quickly transition from a water-friendly scene to a presentable restaurant or shop in just a few seconds. Stylish plus-size beach cover-ups are a go-to for beach days and pool visits, and now many even feature UV protection, so you can enjoy the sun without worrying about damage to your skin.

Here are our favorite choices for plus-size beach cover-ups.

Plus-Size Beach Cover-Up Dresses

Plus-size beach cover-ups are now more flattering than ever, and they come in a variety of colors and patterns that you can coordinate with your favorite plus size swimwear for a polished and put-together style. Choose a dress-style beach cover-up that can easily be slipped over any bathing suit for a look that can go almost anywhere. Dresses come in many styles, from ultra-soft Supima cotton in a preppy neckline style with piping to a terry-cloth, hooded dress perfect for the poolside or spa. Opt for styles that feature UV protection so you can throw your beach dress on during the day and not have to worry about skin damage while sunbathing. Throw on your cover-up dress with a pair of wedges or decorative sandals for a look that is refined while still being ocean-friendly.

Plus-Size Beach Cover-Up Jackets

Are you a fan of swimwear shorts or more modest bottoms? If this is the case, plus-size beach cover-up jackets may be the best option for you. These lightweight jackets are perfect for boating or for chilly beach days when an extra layer can really help keep a fresh sea breeze at bay. Available in a variety of colors and designs, you can choose from cover-up jackets with closures or ones that hang loosely open for a more casual look. Plus-size beach cover-up jackets are great if you wear bathing suits with swim skirts or swim shorts, as they add upper-body coverage. Consider protection features like a plus size sun protective swimwear so you can protect your shoulders during long beach days with a simple, light layer. Pair your plus-size beach cover-up jackets with easy slip-on shorts and water shoes for a look that is casual and sporty, perfect for shell hunting on a brisk beach morning.

Plus-Size Beach Cover-Up Tunics

These swim cover-ups might as well be dresses, as they are casually cool and chic. Designed with a fabric that dries quickly, these plus-size beach cover-up tunics come in preppy patterns and designs that complement almost any bathing suit. They are so stylish that you could wear them around a resort even when water isn't involved. These tunics are shorter in length and feature different necklines and sleeve lengths. Choose from a cut that shows off your shoulders or go for a style with sleeves for a more modest look. Pair with white sandals and a fresh pedicure for a polished look.

Plus-Size Beach Cover-Up Kaftans

For glamourous ladies who can't get enough of the sun, plus-size beach cover-up kaftans are a must-have. These flowy cover-ups are perfect to slip on over bathing suits. Their loose-fitting style is perfect for hot days, offering just a light layer that dries quickly and is appropriate for almost any setting. Kaftans are often decorated with embellishments and contrasting details like embroidered bright flowers or detailed lining. Pair your kaftan with a large woven beach bag, sun hat, and giant sunglasses for a fashionable summer look.

Plus-Size Modest Swimwear

When shopping for summer clothes this season, consider swimwear as a cover-up option. Many different varieties of bathing suits, including bathing suit bottoms with shorts or skirts for added coverage, are perfect for swimming in the ocean or lounging by the pool. The bottoms can be paired with plus size tankini tops for conservative swimwear in and out of the water, and even without a beach cover-up, they can still be appropriate for various poolside activities.

With these plus-size beach cover-ups, you'll feel much more confident having easy outfit add-ons that make you beach-side appropriate for almost anywhere.


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