Beat the Summer Heat with These Wardrobe Tips

Beat the Summer Heat with These Wardrobe Tips

Ah… summer! The sand, the surf… and the sizzling temperatures. If you love summer and want to stay comfy, Lands’ End has your back. Let’s look at these great wardrobe tips to beat the summer heat.

Comfy in Cotton

Cotton is almost a secret weapon for the summer heat. It is comfy and is built to breathe, so heat will dissipate quicker and easier. A natural fiber, cotton will help you to feel easy, breezy, and look great, too. Cotton is also soft making it an extra comfy choice.

Cotton is an excellent choice for summer whether you go for women’s cotton shirts, cotton women’s shorts, or cotton dresses. At Lands’ End, we include the word “cotton” in the title of the garment to make it easy to find. If you are shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, when in doubt, always check the garment label for the fabric content. A poly-cotton blend will give you a bit more “structure,” while still allowing for breathability. However, for the full comfy cotton experience, you will want 100% cotton.

Live in Linen

Linen is cotton’s cousin when it comes to staying comfy in the heat and is a lovely choice. This natural fiber looks beautiful and will keep you cool under the hottest conditions. A great look for summer is white linen from head to toe. This will give you the advantage of a fabric that breathes with the light reflecting qualities of white to keep you looking and feeling refreshed no matter what the mercury says. A linen shirt is an instant upgrade to any outfit.

One of summer’s most sophisticated choices, the only downfall to linen is that it wrinkles. Be prepared for this if you choose linen. It’s handy to iron it (either DIY or via your local dry cleaner) in advance and hang it in your closet with enough room so that it won’t get compressed and wrinkled by other clothing. For jackets and blazers, consider draping them over a car seat or hanging them up in the back while commuting to help keep them fresh and wrinkle-free.

Wick it!

For days and activities that you know will make you perspire, consider a synthetic fabric that wicks away moisture. If you are athletic, you know that all it takes is a good walk or run to make most fabrics heavy with perspiration in the summer. Conveniently, high tech has come to women’s activewear.

Go for wicking fabrics in both tops and bottoms for your workouts, summer picnics, gardening, or any outdoor casual activity. You’ll be comfier and with the rise of athleticwear as casualwear, you’ll not only feel great but look stylish.

Easy Breezy

For cool comfort, skip the bodycon outfits. A bit of space between you and your clothes will allow for air circulation and greater comfort. Tunic tops paired with wide-legged pants can be a great option for keeping your cool and creating a beautiful flow to your silhouette at the same time.

Sleeveless and Sophisticated

Stay cool as a cucumber by wearing less fabric in the summer. From women’s cotton tank tops to silk shells, a sleeveless top will keep you cool and fashionable at the same time. A white cotton tank top is also a great wardrobe staple. You can dress it up or down and wear it alone or layered.

Skip the Stockings

For natural cooling, skip the stockings. Unless you are attending a semi-formal occasion and are more comfortable wearing hosiery, take advantage of the fact that fashion has caught up with comfort on this one. There was a time when bare legs were scandalous at all but the most casual functions, but no more.

Even with dress pants and heels, you will be just fine this way. When was the last time you saw a woman on the red carpet who looked like they were wearing stockings? Now, from shorts to pants to skirts and dresses, going sans stockings is stylish and appropriate.

Stylish Sandals

Sandals are not only stylish for summer, but they are also cooler. Make sure that your summer wardrobe includes a great pair of walking sandals, a pair of dressy sandals, and at least one pair of sandals that can stand up to pools and beaches. A pair of pretty sandals will go with everything from white capri pants to women’s shorts and maxi dresses.

If you are wearing sandals all day, it’s a great idea to slip them off and wipe your feet at some point. We don’t usually think of the parking lots, malls, or offices that we walk through as being grimy, but after a few hours on a busy day, your feet may not look and feel as tidy as you prefer. Carrying a travel-sized container of wipes with you can help you to feel put together and even give your feet a refreshing break on a hot day.

Enjoy looking great while you beat the heat this summer!


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