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Bathroom Remodeling and Unique Shower Ideas

A bathroom is a place we all spend a decent amount of time in. Although we may not think twice about it, it's an opportunity to make a big difference in your home. When guests come over, they're very likely to enter this room, which means its cleanliness and aesthetic can impact their impression of your home. There are many ways to update the bathroom to provide a new look, depending on the vibe you're going for and how it will fit in with the rest of your house. Read on for bathroom remodel ideas to give it the bathroom refresh it deserves.


If you're going for a cottagecore bathroom, incorporate cottagecore bathroom décor that includes plenty of potted plants and candles, and furnish with natural materials like stone, wood, and ceramic. Stick with natural tones as your color pallet, and get handy with wallpaper to provide that sweet iconic look of cottagecore. In quaint smaller homes, a corner shower can save space.

Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom

Who doesn't love the feeling of a quaint farmhouse look? It reminds us of simpler times and, for some, brings back childhood memories. A classic wood toilet lid gives that old-fashioned feeling, and a simple vanity with brass accents will provide the right look. Rustic bathroom ideas include pebbled stone flooring or walls; they are gorgeous and feel great under the feet. Imagine how a new walk-in shower with stunning tile walls and flooring will look.

Integrating rustic-style accessories like a hung linen robe, on-brand farm paintings, and antique fixtures like a schoolhouse sink will provide a country theme. Unfinished wood accents will also add to the look.

To create the look of a modern farmhouse bathroom, add black accents like lighting fixtures, faucets, and drawer handles to give a crisp touch.

Mid-Century Modern Bathroom

Achieve this look with wood paneling to frame the shower or accent the walls. Use the flooring as another place to put intentional but experimental colors like pink or sage green. Or, opt for a neutral tile floor while giving the wall a pop of color. Mid-century modern can also take a minimalist stance, with a clean black-and-white bathroom. Along the minimalist vein, a stand-up shower will save space.

For a versatile bathing unit, installing a bathtub and shower combo will allow you to have the opportunity to take a soothing bath or a quick shower when on the run.

Bohemian Bathroom

For an earthy bathroom, go for bohemian bathroom décor like tasseled linen shower curtains. Include boho art to give your bathroom a colorful and cultured look that will excite the space.

With earthy bathroom ideas, you can make your bathroom a refuge with lots of plants and nature-inspired wallpaper. The perfect addition to this aesthetic is a rainfall shower or waterfall shower to bring natural elements in from the great outdoors. A solar shower will use the sun's natural rays to heat your water, adding to the sustainability aspect of your earthy bathroom. You can also opt for eco-friendly supplies like wooden toothbrushes and mason jar soap dispensers.

Modern Bathroom

Make your bathroom a clean-lined oasis with modern ideas like grayscale color and textured pieces that are consistent throughout and add visual appeal. Select a neutral-colored prefabricated shower for a quick and easy upgrade that requires minimal installation work. Or, for a luxurious addition to your modern bathroom, add a steam shower. It's good for your skin and sinuses and can help individuals with chronic pain.

Modern coastal bathroom ideas bring the room into a coastal direction with coastal bathroom ideas like coastal bathroom décor, including nautical-themed bathroom rugs, paintings, and fixtures like anchor drawer handles. Elegant seagrass baskets will keep items stored in style while adding to your coastal aesthetic.

Take Your Newly Renovated Bathroom to the Next Level

Once you've made bathroom and shower renovations, you can do a few things to bring the room to the next level. A brand new set of bath towels will give your bathroom a fresh feeling that will feel oh-so-good. With American-grown Rare Supima® cotton featuring extra-long, fine fibers at 650 grams per square meter and detailed with dobby weave, our bath towel sets include two baths, two hand towels, and two washcloths. Available in a variety of colors, you'll be able to find the perfect towel set to match your new bathroom aesthetic. Even more exciting about our bath towels is the prospect of monogramming them. Give a set to each family member, with their chosen color and monogrammed initials.

Reorganize the Bathroom

There's nothing like a renovation to provide the perfect reorganizing opportunity. Going into the bathroom closet and not finding what you're looking for can be frustrating. Why not make it easier to find things with canvas storage bins that help to separate items of different categories? Even better, monogram each canvas storage bin to help with labeling and reduce the time it takes to find things.


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