Bathroom Products You Need for Convenience and Style

Bathroom Products You Need for Convenience and Style

Now and then, your bathroom can use a refresh. Your mug's getting moldy, or your shower curtain's maybe looking a bit drab these days. Or perhaps you're running out of space for all your beauty supplies. If you need a dose of inspiration—you've come to the right place. You need products for convenience and items that will elevate your bathroom to the next level. No matter what you choose, invest wisely to avoid having to spend more down the line. Read our suggestions as the first step to a better bath style.

Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinets are a lifesaver. If you don't have one, you're missing out. Many bathrooms already have medicine cabinets built into the structure. However, if you don't have one already, you can easily find one to install. There are many styles to choose from when selecting one of these storage accessories. You can try a standard option with a front door and mirror. Explore the other styles you have, such as a medicine cabinet with LED lighting or an anti-fog option. There are medicine cabinets with three sections rather than just one. If you prefer wood or any other material, find the medicine cabinets with what you like.

Multi-Tier Shelving

Some bathrooms leave no room for medicine cabinets (think bathrooms with a wall-to-wall mirror). Other bathrooms might need additional storage. Multi-tier shelving provides more options when it comes to storing your essentials. Think of the space you have. You might be able to get away with tall or wide shelving that sits on the floor. If you have limited space, consider shorter or narrower items. Also, consider shelving you can hang on the wall for even more walking space.

Straw Baskets

Straw baskets also work as additional storage, and they're incredibly stylish. Plus, you can easily stack and tow them away when not in use. Baskets usually hold bath towels of all sizes, ensuring they'll be close by whenever you need them. Alternatively, you can store other bath accessories or laundry in the canvas or seagrass baskets of your choice. Look for these baskets that best match your bathroom's overall design. You'd be surprised at the cool designs you'll encounter. However, consider neutral straw baskets that match almost all your other bathroom accessories for easy styling.

Bath Accessories

There are various types of bath accessories, so take your pick! Sometimes, you can buy these items in a set. A small trash bin is common for bathrooms for trash like used tissue, Q-tips, and more. You can easily find disposable hand soap. However, consider refillable soap dispensers for the sake of the environment—and your wallet. These items come in chic finishes—such as satin, chrome, and glass. Other accessories include a soap dish, toothbrush holder, and tumbler.

Bath Rug or Mat

Everyone knows how, let's say, gross the bathroom floor can get. From water spilling from the tub to hair, no one likes stepping on a slippery, dirty floor after a nice shower or bath. That's where a bath rug—or mat—comes in. These accessories offer you a clean place to land your feet—just remember to wash them frequently. Some people don't enjoy the sogginess that fabric bath rugs and mats offer. In that case, consider teak, bamboo, or other types of wooden mats for your bathroom. Though these mats aren't machine washable, they're still easy to clean—wipe them down with one of your wash rags.

Bathroom Fragrance

Bathrooms can get smelly, and that's understandable with their function. Using the fragrance of your choice can keep your bathrooms smelling as fresh as possible and keep the smells from escaping. Let's go through your choices. Air fresheners with a spray nozzle are common and easy to find (check Amazon or your local store). Brands that sell spray bottles might sell plug-ins, too.

Candles might not be as convenient as these go-to items, but they might make for a more rewarding experience. You can find candles in various scents—from vanilla and apple cider to clean linen. Swap out scents depending on the season, or try something unexpected, like toasted marshmallows. Freshen your bathrooms with other methods, such as using a diffuser or incense.

Bath Robe and Slippers

Buy something that'll elevate your at-home spa to the next level, such as women's slippers or a bathrobe. Better yet, purchase a monogrammed bathrobe and slippers for a personal touch. These cozy accessories aren't necessary; however, they'll make showers and baths much more special. Slip into your bathrobe and slippers for a moment of peace before rushing into your day.

We hope our list of bathroom products will inspire you to seek out new ways to make your trip to the bathroom that much better, whether you're freshening up for the day or taking care of your needs. Search online or in stores to discover your next favorite comfortable and stylish bath products.


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