6 Must-Have Decorative Items for the Bathroom

6 Must-Have Decorative Items for the Bathroom

Just because the bathroom is one of the most functional rooms in the house, doesn’t mean it can’t have some flare and style. In fact, your porcelain palace is a space that’s suitable for high design. Here’s a look at a few must-have bathroom decor items for your home.

Luxe Bathmats

Treat your feet to a little luxury with a bath mat that’s built with comfort in mind. Go for luxe with memory foam bath mats that feel like you’re walking on a cloud. Choose a relaxing, muted color scheme to set a tranquil mood in your place of relaxation. Perfect for a soothing bath, a plush bath mat will have you in your best zen state. Alternatively, use bath mats to add a punch of color to your bathroom. Choose on-trend patterns and designs or bright colors that remind you of bright, warm days. Either way, choose a color scheme that suits your personality.

Cute Wall Accents

Design your dream bathroom with wall accents that set the mood. First, select an ideal color palette (or match your bathmats). Do you want a modern, sleek look or a free-spirited beach vibe? Choose a design motif that suits your personality. For multiple family bathrooms, choose a theme that best suits the main user. For example, for a kid’s bathroom, choose a design theme with wall hangings that showcases their favorite things like their favorite animal, sports team, or colors. Purchase kids' towels with cute designs and fun colors. Let the wall accents add to whatever theme you choose for your bathroom.

Swapping for the Season

One way to keep your bathroom looking fresh is to swap out decor for the seasons. Start with a neutral color palette for the walls and fixtures, then layer on different decor items such as monogrammed bath towels, wall hangings, and shower curtains that go with the seasons. Opt to use different colors or completely revamp your bathroom each season to suit your many different tastes. Use bright colors for spring, beach vibes for summer, brilliant oranges for fall, and silver and gold in the winter. Rotating your bathroom decor keeps your space looking fresh throughout the year.

Candles and Accessories

Set the mood in your bathroom with an array of candles and accessories. Think a basket of bath bombs, scented candles, unique sculptures, or other elements to brighten your space. You’ll want accessories that can withstand humidity and heat, but bring life to your space. A matching set of soap dispensers, dishes, and toothbrush holders make easy work of creating a complementary look to your bathroom space. Mirrors are always a good option. They not only serve a functional purpose, but mirrors enlarge a feel of a room too. For candles, choose scents that you’ll love. Natural scents like pine, lavender, and mint create a relaxing aura in your space. Bright and warm smells like vanilla, coconut, and beech create a warm vibe that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Again, you can opt to swap throughout the seasons to suit your mood.

Functional Decor

Next, add the final touches by matching up your functional bath items. Accessories such as soap dishes, tissue boxes, and either bath towels or personalized beach towels should all work together to enhance the decor of your bathroom. Choose matching color palettes for towels where each family member has their own color. Have your kiddos pick their favorite color. Together, these elements bring bathroom decor together and give the room life. Again, you can rotate towels throughout the year to match the different decor, or stick with a single color scheme and choose accent decor to match.

Shower Curtains for All Seasons

Shower curtains bring a chance to add a statement piece to your bathroom. Use the wide space to choose a design that draws the eye in. Match your color scheme and vibe for optimal impact. Cloth shower curtains work well and are more durable than their plastic counterparts. For cloth curtains, be sure to get a clear protective curtain for the shower interior to preserve the cloth curtain.

Build the bathroom of your dreams with decor styles that suit your personality. Choose a central theme around a loveable color palette. Next, select decor that suits your personal style such as modern, beach, fun, or spa. Keep the functional elements of your bathroom on-trend by choosing matching towels, bath mats, and curtains. Can’t make up your mind? Don’t worry, swap your bathroom decor throughout the year to suit the seasons. You’ll have the bathroom of your dreams in

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