Back-to-School Closet Basics for Kids

Back-to-School Closet Basics for Kids

Back-to-school shopping is all about stocking up on basics. When it comes to kids' clothes, the heaps of basics seem endless. Look for durable, long-lasting basic clothing items for kids with these back-to-school outfit must-haves for kids of all ages.

School Uniforms

School uniforms make back-to-school shopping a breeze. Although your kiddos may not agree, we love that school uniforms offer up easy clothes shopping each year. First, be sure to stock up on polo shirts or dress shirts that fit your school’s dress code. Look for colors and styles that your school allows. Ideally, you’ll want one shirt for every day of the week (plus one or two extras just in case) so your kid can have clean clothes every day. Plus, this makes laundry day a lot less painful to plan if you have a few extra polos. 

Back-to-school pants, shorts, and skirts don’t need to be quite as numerous but ensure your kid has enough of a variety to make it through the school week. For girls, mix and match dresses, skirts, shorts, and pants so there is a variety to choose from. For boys, make sure you have at least three pairs of shorts and three pairs of pants. 

Fancy Footwork

Back-to-school shoes are a must-have back-to-school clothing item you always need for the new school year. As your kid grows and plays, footwear often gets abused and trashed, meaning you’ll have to find new shoes each school year. This year, opt to purchase two pairs of shoes, one for school and one for play. This lets your kid's footwear last longer so you aren’t stuck with an unexpected shoe purchase mid-fall. Of course, if your school has a shoe requirement for their uniform, choose shoes that adhere to the rules. But if you can, let your kid pick out their favorite shoes for the year. This lets your children get a chance to express themselves, a much-coveted luxury for those who have to adhere to a school uniform. Socks are another basic item that all kids need. Stock up heavily on socks so that you aren’t surprised by the inevitable sock gremlin that makes those pesky pairs go missing. Store socks inside one another to keep the elastic lasting longer. 

Jeans Galore

Kids' jeans are another must-have staple for the school year. For growing kiddos, opt to shop used or purchase jeans with an elastic waistband and slightly longer legs (you can roll them up) so your kid can grow with their jeans. For older kids, there is a wide variety of amazing styles and cuts to choose from. Let your kiddo get involved and pick out their favorite pair of jeans for the new school year. Don’t forget to also grab basic kids' jeans such as straight leg and boot cut jeans. Otherwise, let them use back-to-school shopping as a chance to express themselves. If your budget allows, let kids who have to wear a school uniform also stock up on their favorite pair of denim as a treat for the new school year. Even though they can’t wear jeans to school, they will love having a new pair of pants to wear when they hang out with friends.

Their Favorite Sweatshirts

Sweaters and sweatshirts are another basic, back-to-school clothing item for kids. Girls' cardigan sweaters, boys' sweatshirts, and a fun hoodie are all must-haves for the school year. Cardigans are an excellent choice for dealing with hot hallways and cold classrooms, while sweatshirts are perfect for recess and gym class. Let them choose a fun design that features their favorite animal, sports team, or color. Try to choose basic items that go with a variety of things in their wardrobe. With a one-stop-shop for sweaters and sweatshirts, they will never take off their favorite fuzzy layer.

T-Shirts for Kids

If there are one item kids simply cannot have enough of, it’s kids' T-shirts. Perfect for arts and crafts, gym class, playtime, or wearing just because, T-shirts are the mainstay staple of so many kids' closets. Get a variety of T-shirts in different styles and sizes. Tunic T-shirts for girls go great with leggings while a basic T-shirt for boys is not only ideal for underneath their polo shirts but works well for playtime too. Let your kids choose their favorite T-shirts that feature anything and everything they love. The chance to express their personal style makes back-to-school shopping a breeze.

Overall, gear up on basic kids' clothing this year to start the school year right. You’ll want to make sure you’re well-prepared for the year ahead with a variety of basic clothes that go with virtually any outfit. As a result, you’ll find yourself buying less and having more smiling faces in the schoolyard.


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