Best Shirts to Wear While Baking Desserts

Best Shirts to Wear While Baking Desserts

Baking not only brings you mental clarity, but it also results in delicious treats the whole family will love. However, every baker knows that wearing the right clothing while baking keeps you comfortable and clean. So bring out the whisk and roll up your sleeves with these awesome shirts to wear while baking.

Bake with Tunics

One of the most versatile shirts for baking is the tunic. I don’t know if you’ve ever had to open an oven with your foot while you’re folding in the last of the chocolate chips into your coveted cookie recipe, but we have. You need clothing that moves with you flawlessly through the kitchen ... and tunic tops are the answer. Tunics offer excellent mobility so you can multi-task in the kitchen with ease. Not to mention, their longer length means you’ll keep your pants or shorts protected. It’s easier to clean up a flour-stained shirt than an entire outfit.

Your Favorite Old Tee Shirt

Sure, baking is not quite as messy as painting your house, but with molten chocolate, oils, flour, and other ingredients, spills are inevitable. The simplest way to combat accidents and spills is to wear an old T-shirt. T-shirts are almost like sacrificial pieces of clothing. They can stand a little mess, go through the laundry, and live to bake another day. Collect a few older T-shirts that you don’t mind getting dirty and set them aside for baking. This is best done when you’re going through your closet to get rid of old clothes. Dedicate a pile to baking shirts. These no-fuss shirts are the perfect kitchen companions.

Wear an Apron

Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of time, and in a pinch, you’ll want to wear an apron. That way you can wear whatever you have on to bake. This is the perfect solution to getting that baking done quickly for the bake sale your kid signed you up for but failed to tell you about. Make cookies quickly with an apron and carry on with the rest of your day. Protect your short sleeve women’s shirts with an apron. Aprons let you wear whatever suits you underneath and keeps your outfit clean from stains and spills. Choose a style that speaks to you. Today’s aprons come in all sorts of fun styles with patterns, sayings, and classic whites that will have you smiling. This simple accessory keeps you covered while you concoct some of the tastiest sweets in your kitchen.

Think About the Heat

Breaking a sweat while baking is a real thing. You’re not only using your arms, but your oven is left on for long durations of time. Even the high-end ovens dump heat (it’s a simple matter of science). When you’re working up a sweat in the kitchen, you’ll want short sleeves or tank tops. Let the breeze in with materials designed to wick sweat and keep you cool. Synthetic, athletic material is often the way to go.

This not only keeps you cool, but it also keeps you clean. Longer, loose sleeves can dip into batters and doughs, creating an unwanted mess. While tighter, yet long sleeves don’t have much wiggle room to hike up if you’re getting your hands dirty. With such a hands-on approach to cooking, you’ll want short sleeves that are out of the way and let you move freely.

Wear What’s Cozy

Who doesn’t love to go on a bake-a-thon? Sometimes you’ve got lots of baking ideas and you want to try multiple things at once. For an all-day baking session in the kitchen, opt for comfort above all else. Wear your favorite pair of women’s yoga pants with your favorite comfy sweats for a relaxed day at home. Baking, in many ways, is cathartic. Letting yourself slow down and immersing yourself in the task at hand is therapeutic. Set aside a baking day in your favorite comfy clothes. Choose an outfit that lets you move with ease and won’t get in the way of using your hands. The result is a hassle-free day cooking up your favorite pies, cakes, and more.

When it comes to baking, comfort is queen. Treat yourself to the most comfortable fabrics. If you’re left baking in a pinch, protect your favorite outfit with an apron. For the least amount of mess and the most amount of comfort, aim to wear short sleeves or sleeveless shirts so you aren’t inhibited by your clothing. Mmmm, it smells deliciously sweet in your kitchen!


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