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Backpacks Kids Love

Young minds are meant to learn and explore. When they have the tools they need to be prepared for school and other adventures, you’re making the conditions right for daily victories. Backpacks are going to be part of your child’s life for years, and they have so many uses. Having a dependable and functional model is essential to stay organized and focused at school.

Backpacks are also the fuss-free choice for quick trips and overnights when leaving favorite hobbies behind isn’t an option. As the years go on, the style and demands for this bag will change. From preschool to college, these are the backpacks kids love.

Small Backpacks for Toddlers

When your little one is just beginning preschool or kindergarten, full-size backpacks can be too large for their physique. If the school allows it, a small backpack can serve better until your child gets taller and stronger. Look for a backpack that is simple and easy to use. Small children don’t need a lot of storage at this stage. As their responsibilities grow, so will their backpack’s size. Because going to school or packing for themselves is a new experience, let your child pick the print and design they want. This will give them a sense of ownership and anticipation about wearing a kids' backpack for the first time.

Look for small backpacks with some organizational power, such as interior pockets and smaller zipped compartments for snacks and pencils. These also are great bags for playdates or going away for the weekend and can foster independence in your young one. Ask them to pack their favorite toys and books for road trips or entertainment for going to a family gathering.

Medium Backpacks for Your Growing Kid

When your kids enter higher grades in school, they need a medium-size middle school backpack that can carry more than a folder and snack bag. Medium is also a great size for long weekend trips and sleepovers, having just enough room to fit a couple of outfits and toiletries. It’s important to keep tabs with your child to see if a medium-size backpack is enough for his or her needs. Check to see how many books he regularly carries at school. Is the main body of the backpack constantly stretched to the limit? If so, it may be time to select a larger backpack that has more storage potential. This will enable your young student to take advantage of the interior pockets and zipped compartments for finer tuned packing power. When the backpack is the right size for the weight of the load, it can feel comfortable on the shoulders, especially when the straps are reinforced and padded.

Large Backpacks for High School and Beyond

When the demands of school or extracurricular activities grow, so do the number of books and supplies. When the chemistry and math books start taking up the size of a standard small backpack, your child needs a high school backpack that is made to handle daily burdens. Large backpacks are prepared to haul heavy items, which means a good one needs a chest strap to take the pressure off shoulders and protect their posture.

Since the days are longer with extracurricular activities and early mornings, your child needs features like sturdy mesh pockets to hold water bottles. Also, the material should not be too heavy because that can weigh them down. Look for strong, lightweight materials that are meant to last. A good large backpack will have separate zipped compartments to keep your child organized throughout the day, allowing them to keep materials for one class fully organized without mixing with another class’s homework and notes. For the modern student, cell phones are often used in class, which is why a top accessory pocket is a welcome addition to the traditional backpack.

Extra Bags for More Convenience

For afterschool sports or a campus gym bag, your child may need a separate, simple bag to store items that are not used during the school day. A drawstring backpack can hold small items like keys, phones, and a change of clothes. Perfect for the gym or an afternoon stroll, this no-frills, lightweight bag doesn’t take up much space and serves a variety of needs.

Lunchboxes make up another big part of a student’s daily life. In fact, a dependable backpack should come with a lunchbox clip so that your young one can take their meal along without having to store it in their backpack and take up space for school supplies. Get a lunchbox that is insulated and with a mesh compartment to hold reusable freeze pouches. This will keep the food inside fresh until the lunch bell rings. Look for reinforced seams that resist leaks, a sturdy grip handle, and a padded exterior to keep its contents protected.

By selecting a high-quality backpack that offers the correct storage solutions, you can help the young person in your life thrive at school and play.


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