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Back-to-School Wardrobe Ideas for Kids

It's one of the best times of the year: heading back to in-person school this fall. It only makes sense that kids would want to arrive in the freshest new outfits. Aside from the fun style aspect of a back-to-school wardrobe, your kid will need new clothing items that are practical and functional for school, rather than whatever they wore to those e-learning classes from home. Ensure you and your kids are fully prepared for the school year with a few of these great wardrobe ideas.

Get All Your Bases Covered With Outerwear

Whether you live in a colder climate or not, all kids need second layers and outerwear, especially on those chilly fall mornings or snowy winter afternoons. Before thinking about the outfits, they will wear in school, think about what they will wear on their way to school. If you get a lot of snow in your region, waterproof snow boots are a must (no kid wants to sit through a whole day of school in soggy socks). Don't forget to pack a second pair of shoes to switch into at school.

Once you have footwear nailed down, invest in good quality, heavy-duty winter coats for boys and girls that offer a lot of warmth, especially if your kids are walking to and from bus stops. Along with warm winter coats, finish off their outerwear gear with colorful and cozy gloves, hats, and mittens.

Buy New Backpacks

Backpacks weren’t exactly the most important school accessory to have when most kids were going to school from home. However, now that the kids will be spending full days away, they will need to carry all of their belongings in school backpacks. Use this transition back to in-person school as an opportunity to buy your kids fun new backpacks. Take them back to school shopping so they have the chance to pick out the backpack they will love carrying every day. There are plenty of styles, colors, and prints to choose from, like solid-colored backpacks, sporty backpacks, and backpacks with animated cartoon designs. Aside from style, make sure the backs are functional and practical. Many compartments and pockets are important since your kids need plenty of room to store their books, pencils, homework papers, snacks, and other personal items they will need throughout the day.

Chill Out in Cozy Cute Layers

Sweaters, flannels, shirts, and hoodies are not only fall fashion staples for all ages, but they are also practical items that kids both love and need during their days at school. Freshen up their wardrobes by adding a few cute new sweatshirts for girls and sweaters for boys. Take them out for the shopping experience to try on the tops and decide which ones are most comfortable. You can find an endless array of warm second layers that are great for every season: a cozy flannel plaid button-up for the fall, a festive holiday sweater for the winter, and a lightweight cardigan for the spring.

Pick Practical Pants and Comfy Bottoms

Leggings are a beloved choice for a reason: not only are they cute and easy to coordinate with virtually any kind of top, but they are also super-comfy. Buy a few new leggings for your daughter as she heads back to school, and help her pair them with comfy tops like an oversized sweater for the colder months or a tunic top for the warmer months. Have both a simple black pair that can go with anything and leggings in different colors and styles when she feels like showing off a more fashionably daring side.

Denim is also a great go-to for boys and girls. During the spring, coordinate denim cutoffs with a fun, bright graphic tee and a pair of kicks. In the fall and winter, blue denim and black denim go nicely with flannel plaid button-up shirts and a pair of boots. If your child is in the mood to dress up a bit more than usual, denim jeans can create the perfect dressy casual look when paired with a sporty polo T-shirt or a lightweight floral blouse.

Get Active With Gym Wear

Aside from apparel your kids will need in the classroom; they will also need a few outfits for the gym and any sports in which they participate. Have a few athletic shorts, athletic leggings, and athletic tops they can wear to their soccer practice or gym class. For second layers, invest in a sports jacket or a stylish hoodie.

With these simple outfit ideas, you and your children can begin the process of adding new pieces to their back-to-school wardrobe. Have fun with the experience, and use it as an opportunity to bond with your young scholars.

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