Back-to-School Essentials for Distance Learning

Back-to-School Essentials for Distance Learning

Going back to school is a part of the fall season, and this season there are lots of back-to-school essentials for distance learning. Stock up on must-have items to get the school year started off right and keep both kids and parents as stress-free as possible.

Cozy, Comfortable Outfits

Hunkering down for a day of virtual lessons means it’s essential to have comfortable outfits. While you may not want your kids to dress in PJs every day, there are lots of comfortable alternatives that can make it easier to sit through video lessons, spend time learning on a tablet, or doing workbook pages or worksheets easier. Having comfy clothes means it’s also much easier for kids to take a break and run around, so they do double duty. Stock up on items like leggings, kids' short- and long-sleeved T-shirts, graphic T-shirts, athletic shorts, fleece pants, hoodies, comfy denim jeans, button-up flannel shirts, and any other comfortable clothing pieces they love. Even the small things, like fuzzy socks and slippers, can help make it easier and more fun to get through a day of distance learning.

Good Quality Headset

A good quality headset is a must-have for going back to school virtually. This allows kids to listen to videos or video lessons without everyone in the house hearing them. That way parents can get some work done and siblings can get school work done as well. It’s a good idea to have two pairs for each student in your household - one they can use every day, and one to use as a backup, to take in the car, or to use with a tablet.

Great Pillows and Sheets

What do pillows and bed sheets have to do with going back to school? The answer’s simple. Kids and adults alike only function at their best when they’ve had a good quality night’s sleep. Sometimes a great pillow, a cozy down comforter, and a quality set of sheets is the difference between an okay night of sleep and an incredible night of sleep. This seemingly small essential can help everyone in the household to rest better and be more prepared for the day’s lessons.

Kid-Friendly Furniture and Spaces

No matter where your designated school space is in the home, kids can benefit from switching it up sometimes. Invest in a couple of kid-friendly furniture items, like a kid’s desk or some comfortable bean bag chairs, so kids have options of where to go to do their work. Set up a cozy reading nook and spaces for doing independent educational but fun tasks that give kids a little bit of a break from structured lessons.

Basic School Staples

While you aren’t likely to have to buy a massive list of school supplies, stocking up on the basics will come in handy once it’s time for school to be in session. While needs vary depending on the age of the students, good basics include notebooks, pencils, folders for each subject, rulers, erasers, and a planner. Elementary and middle school kids should also have basic art supplies like scissors, glue, markers, crayons, watercolor paints, and colored pencils. Older students may enjoy a sketch pad and drawing pencils, oil pastels, or acrylic paints to work with on art projects.

Healthy Snacks

There’s nothing a little snack break can't solve! Having healthy snacks on hand can help curb kids' hunger in between lessons and keep them out of the cookie jar. Having a snack after a few lessons can also be a fun break and help kids renew their focus on their educational tasks. Great snacks to stock up on include things like trail mix, low-sugar granola bars, fresh and dried fruit, vegetables and hummus, cheese and crackers, yogurt, and applesauce or fruit cups.

Kids’ Backpacks

Why does a kid need a backpack for distance learning? There are lots of reasons. Having a new backpack can help some kids get excited about learning and the new year. A backpack also makes it easy for kids to put away their materials at the end of the day to help keep clutter at bay. You can also easily take your lessons elsewhere, like to the park for the afternoon.

Kids' Gym Clothes

Even if kids aren’t participating in highly structured physical education classes, they still need a little bit of phys ed each day. Stock up on school uniform gym clothes like athletic shorts, fleece pants, yoga pants, kids’ leggings, stretchy sport sorts, T-shirts, tank tops, and more to keep kids active.

Back-to-School Essentials Make Distance Learning Easier

Being prepared and stocking up on all these different essentials can help the school year get off to a smooth start. You may even want to get the kids involved and hear their ideas and requests. In any case, stocking up on all must-haves, from basic supplies to snacks, will help make everyone happy.

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